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League of LegendsS4 Rune Subversive Modification


    Just as in the past the start of each season in general, we will start the new season there are a lot of expectations, of course, which most players attention than talent and runes change, I believe we have an understanding of the S4 talent, so today i will talk about the latest S4 Rune with you!


    For now, League of Legends may not start in the first quarter of the revision began to make changes runes. They are more likely to do some additional testing in PBE ( public test server) until the test is completed. Because Rune changes will affect the entire concept of the game and play the role of the new season game League of Legends core and so many things. Of course, the fist is thought to bring a whole new gaming experience to the players by changing Rune talented new season.


    Currently the company released data from the fist of view, they also hope that through this change the mark, heraldry and Glyph of Rune, three heroes bound on demand for certain aspects of the role, just like the talent we use now Like, for example, so that the mark is equivalent to the attack, heraldry equivalent to the defense, and Glyph generic equivalent. If the company can successfully fist these runes bound to a particular series, then they are completely different runes can make a stronger family characteristics, such as more general bias Glyph ( movement speed or extra money ), is more interested in mixing of defense ( physical and magic defense ). Fist if the company really do that, then the balance rune system, as well as the arrival of the new S4 to create specific goals Rune will become easier.


    Currently hero Rune players use point of view, the most obvious thing is that most players tend to strengthen the property directly Rune (fixation attack, fixed Mofang, fixtures anti etc.). Since most players often have to replace the runes, creating a bad game experience, so some of these players will tend to strengthen the property directly Rune (eg more players will use a common runes), so obviously the game experience contrary to the League of Legends Rune diversified concept, whereby, I think S4 rune changes may encourage more players to innovative combination runes to enhance the player's gaming experience through this way.


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