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Looking Development of China eSports From League of Legends S3


    When many prediction and analysis before final SKT1 became 3-0 sweep when the royal family, I believe that many domestic players are very difficult to accept this fact, but it really is the 2013 League ( microblogging ) S3 large global finals outcome. The last time all-star exhibition game from the S3 to the finals twice and South Korea South Korea match-ups are based on the outcome of rolling the Chinese team in the end. Which people have to accept the fact that China and South Korea clan clan really huge disparity, while Chinese and South Korean gaming industry, gaming industry is also a huge gap.


    Atmosphere and institutional

    Korean eSports have always been to professional standards to operate their gaming and entertainment celebrity sports stars can have equal social status. This environment for them to tap new players who will undoubtedly provide a good natural soil, but also greatly stimulated its domestic gaming atmosphere, before the All-Star game, the South Korean team is the only one equipped with the team leader, analyst and a series of ancillary staff team.


    And in China, gaming has been equivalent to the existence of the game, not a widely recognized athletic class project. Some time ago, diving world champion Ho Chiu 's remarks questioning for gaming, so many gaming practitioners and enthusiasts in the back during any ultra long- accumulated grievances hearts to express it, but it really is currently gaming industry status quo, not generally recognized by the public. Many domestic electricity election hands are braving the enormous pressure of the home and the outside world to join eSports, some of which have run into a few tricks gradually being recognized, but more of a fall in the pursuit of a dream eSports aspiring junior partner on the road we. This is for the domestic gaming industry, sustainable development is a very big obstacle.


    Attention and development

    Perhaps for the domestic gaming industry, the biggest positive is the current good momentum of development has attracted the attention of many vendors and organizations, the League 's S3 global finals attracted manufacturers including page tour 37wan, peripheral manufacturers Lei snakes, Logitech and many other companies around the activity reports and events sponsorship. Meanwhile, the domestic gaming circles emerged another batch of talented hands of power running to the development of the domestic gaming has opened up a world, and in the other supporting such explanations, manager positions are also a large number of dreams in eSports practitioners to help China develop eSports widened road. These people outside of China 's efforts to develop eSports new understanding.


     Future, as eSports worldwide influence is growing, I believe China will have more gaming industry is well developed, with more and more like 37wan, Razer has been concerned about China so eSports development of enterprises, more and more Chinese eSports will have more opportunities for development. A professional management system, a comprehensive back-up personnel selection, a professional tournament structure and so on, I believe that these things are not far from the Chinese eSports, when the Chinese team again with the Korean team decided male and female.


    S3 World Finals, losing this game BO5 royal indeed nothing, if they can be seen from this defeat clan gap with South Korea, see Chinese gaming system is insufficient, this victory is precious the. What's more, it's actually a record of achievement, although a trace of regret, but it may be better.


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