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Ninth Day Of The S3 Finals Review


    September 28 battlefield Roundup:

    S3 World Finals first semi-final against the other by the South Korean giants SKT1 Korea only seeded NJS. The first game did not get any head Faker fox stunting, NJS wonderful match with the team to win victory. It seems only Korean team NJS hidden very deep, but the good thing is SKT1 war in Fan comeback, I believe that after the game some more exciting.


    First game players are not off the hook for SKT1 impatience, they still come up with the second game more conventional lineup team battles, NJS barrel since the first inning tasted the sweetness of this bureau is still used barrels. Council SKT1 play a team tacit advantage to tie the game in one fell swoop.


    The third game exciting level almost equal to OMG and the royal game. SKT1 out Jianmo playing field doomed his personal GANK and developmental contradictions Sure blind monk across a variety of driving rhythm, firmly suppressed in the early lived SKT1. Critical moment Faker come forward, middle wave silk blood group fights take place depend on the skills and complete anti- destroy mission to kill opponents, but the frustration too early disadvantage can only hand over GG, NJS accidentally get match point.


    As NJS get match point, SKT1 Council inevitable pressure is huge. Stand on the edge of SKT, in the fourth and finally BAN lost each other in the first three games played excellent single cask, this may become a victory in this game SKT1 opportunity. The game finally online SKT1 big advantage, less than 20 minutes to get a 1W economic advantages, the two sides 2-2 draw, the game will go into extra innings.


    Last game, the winner will enter the finals of the World Finals S3, both sides mustering the strength. Faker and other SKT1 players may be due to the continuous score, so the last game quite confident. Although NJS suddenly force in mid- fight SKT1 a surprise, but the level of God Faker Korean compatriots clockwork so understand the"world's first in the list"the name is not called white. Final SKT1 beat NJS, reached the final finals!


    September 28 Aspect:

    Today, the World Finals will be conducted S3 semifinals of intense competition, the upper half of South Korean duo SKT1 with NJS final ticket for a fierce competition, while the bottom half of the royal family by FNC against China hopes that today will be South Korea two team pinnacle civil war. OGN famous commentary blast ( Click to view original ) to participate in international competition as expressed NJS more, very experienced, and SKT1 various competitions staged in Korea make two chase three of the play, BO5 competition system is very beneficial to them, this game showdown was a high level we can appreciate, no worries exciting game.


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