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OMG First Battle Won TSM At League of Legends S3 Finals


    The third season is a subversion of the old season, OMG and subvert the royal WE and IG. OMG, it still means that tonight subversion, the players need to subvert the outside of them questioned the lack of international competition experience. Let us look forward to the next 20 days on this planet most leading group of professional athletes to bring us more subversive now!


    From the start at 3:00 on the 16th, the current S3 World Finals will be officially opened the curtain. In the first race days, the two groups of eight teams will be fully unveiled. 3:00 -7 points for the group stage Group A, on behalf of China will be played at 5:00 OMG clan in the world arena for their first show, blocking them will be the North American veteran team TSM clan. After a short break, OMG again in 7:00 against powerful SKT.T1.


    Group B match time is from morning 8:00 to 12:00. Since this fist in the arrangement of schedule compared to last year, obviously cater to the Asian audience watch the live time, we will be able to see the group B of 12 points to close the first day of the focus of the war in the country has a lot of fans of GG clan against Samsung has just accepted the sponsorship of Korea SG.Ozone clan.



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