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Official Selection Fourth Top 20 World First ADC Namei


    Reporters, commentary, analyst's list for twenty people were all sorts of discussion and debate, the final results of this is a list of their importance to the team based on personal skills, achievements in their respective positions as well as leadership, thrilling handling and consistency of various factors such as mental as evaluation criteria drawn.


    Fourth place --Namei
    Team --EDG
    Division --China
    Location --ADC


    Namei is so far the only one professional player per session LPL Finals are involved in the playoffs, he is also the third time this year to get the LPL title. Namei accurate prediction of shooting-type skills allow him to walk ahead of schedule, ADC output across more than hurt. had a good persecute each other on a single Koro1 to escort him, Namei almost kill existence, allowing him to easily pass through the enemy tanks in the front row.


    Namei is not just good at team fights to survive, his understanding of the soldiers line so that he can play the best online performance and re-development and the shake-up are far ahead of rivals as long as there is the opportunity to kill the opponent, he will not hesitate a seconds.

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