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Partners Work Together Fully Optimized LOL


    June 21, 2013, the world leader in visual computing technologies, NVIDIA announced, NVIDIA join Lenovo, Colorful, GALAXY, Tencent many game-related industry giants, the integration of their respective "hardware" levels of technical advantages for the world's most popular sports LOL for deep game optimized to achieve the best gaming experience for the players to create the purpose.


    NVIDIA With the popularity of gaming equipment GeForceGTX650/GeForceGTX650TiBoost many unique products and GPU technology, Tencent game against top-LOL for deep optimization, booster Colorful graphics industry leader, GALAXY, to bring players more perfect, smooth high-quality gaming experience . GTX650TiBoost is GTX650Ti gorgeous upgrade, using 768 CUDA cores, memory bandwidth is 192Bit. Although the number of stream processors remain unchanged, but the number of ROPs, memory bandwidth has reached the same specifications with the GTX660, but also retains the GTX660 has GPUBoost technology, GPUBoost technology intelligently monitors graphics work load, when possible, to enhance the clock frequency, the result GPU will be able to always provide peak performance, players thus achieve the highest frame rate. Therefore TX650TiBoost compared to HD7850 performance advantages in doubt LOL!


    The LOL's another card GeForceGTX650 recommend using 384 CUDA cores, memory bandwidth is 128Bit. The card will be high performance, low power consumption and low prices perfectly together, support the mainstream DirectX11 technology, and PhysX physics acceleration, 3DVision stereoscopic illusion and NVIDIA CUDA parallel computing professional features technology to provide fast and smooth gaming experience 1080P . With immediate effect, the purchase or GALAXY GeForceGTX650 Colorful graphics, have access NVIDIALOL exclusive packs, event details or stay tuned Colorful GALAXY official website.


    Cooperate fully optimized partner Tencent game LOL

    LOL is a RiotGames developed by the United States, Tencent operates online games war hero. DotA original cast from the carefully crafted, will play DotA classic war platform extending from the network to the real world of gaming masterpiece. LOL hero has a massive personality characteristics, automatic matching of war platform, including talent tree, Summoner system, Rune and other rich new elements, allowing the player feel the most refreshing exciting new hero game.


    As the operational side, Tencent games specifically for depth based NVIDIAGeForceGTX series graphics optimization. After optimization LOL, not only on the quality of the game has been greatly enhanced, and more fully in the speed change, in order to bring new gaming experience. The NVIDIA hand Lenovo, Colorful, GALAXY, many game-related industry giant Tencent together the best gaming experience for gamers environment, will promote the development of the domestic game industry have a profound impact. Interested players can focus Lenovo, Colorful, GALAXY upcoming activities, a chance to snatch NVIDIALOL exclusive gift package.


    Since 1993, NVIDIA has been calculated in the visual arts and sciences developing courageously pioneer. NVIDIA's many display technologies are completely changing face of the world, making it full of interaction and exploration of the world, which will affect all, whether gamers, scientists or consumers or business customers.


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