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Players can not be too bad qualifying awards


    Athletics and player behavior group has studied for a while about the creation of a new feature, players can improve qualifying experience, we recently tested on the test server so that a new feature - prohibit qualifying system that would prohibit players involved qualifying and in-game chat. After testing service test, the players said he was very helpful, we will be in the coming days will be loaded onto the system real official servers. We will come to this system extended to other arenas based on the feedback of the results.


    When this system is implemented in a formal clothing, the player is unable to participate in qualifying prohibited until they completed after a certain number of matching game can. One thing we want to emphasize that the players can not chat banned in other games in the queue, they can still be reported as negative behavior. As for the chat prohibited areas, after they complete a predetermined number of games, we will conduct a final evaluation, to ensure that they have improved the game behavior. Those players did not show repentance will continue banned. And qualifying ban Similarly, we have decided to reward qualifying should show positive sportsmanship, so in the end of the season settlement you, most players will not get negative incentives such as load box data qualifying trim and victory goddess Mo Megane skin. Although most of the players will not be affected by this change, we hope to send out, so that players will start to worry about their behavior will not produce a more profound impact on his gaming career, and to adjust their behavior.


    We found that the behavior of the players because of the different nature of the game and change. Because the match was not so stressful, qualifying players who get banned will also be banned, so they will not have a greater adverse impact on the match game. Nevertheless, we will still pay close attention to the health of matching games to ensure that no negative impact.


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