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Popular Hero Weaken Is A Loop


    Currently League of Legends S3 Already drawing to a close( Now Elo Boosting Discount ), S4 many tests are being conducted. Some popular hero weakened again after causing an uproar.


    Popular Hero Weaken Is A Loop? Criticized by professional players.


    In a recent modification testing services, such as Kasa Ding, foxes, robbing the most popular hero of this assassin type have been weakened, which, GambitGaming star in single player Alex veiled criticisms. Alex think, Riot Games companies should not because a hero up to weaken him, designers should think about why this would undermine the popular hero of the cycle again and again, do not some other better way?


    League of Legends popular hero is weakened, I believe most of the players have not unfamiliar. Clowns, vampires, Jax that failed to escape the rage of the hero " who is strong weakening Who " destiny. However, there are still a considerable number of players really like to see some of the popular hero is being undermined.


    Players that support this approach:

    - Strength above all, the hero strength just followed;

    - Heroes can weaken the means to develop some new heroes, new style of play;

    - Popular hero too strong lead race appearance rate is too high, resulting in fatigue.


    Against the practice of players that:

    - Hard training has long been weakened hero, red stars lose a big weapon;

    - Weaken the hero as enhancing other heroes;

    - Who is who strongly weakened, version update too fast, causing players to adapt the rate of change.


    On the League of Legends, it constantly updates mean Roit Games company 's designers want you to get a better gaming experience. But these years, the rise of countless heroes, many heroes fall, this balance mode allows many people do not understand the reason.


    This seems to slowly fall into the "hot - weaken - nobody cares - redo - if strong weakening again" dead loop. This balance model, really reasonable?


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