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Preparing for S4 Want To Reach the Diamond Must be Noted That 20 Details


    League of Legends S4 fast approaching, you do not know small partners ready No, today we bring Heroes Union decided segmented twenty details, I think whatever the season, as a good LOL players this 20 detail are essential.


    Preparing for S4


    Do not make emotional player, good attitude determines the field of play 20 minutes before the poll within 10 poor are able to comeback, tend to stick to the end is the winner.


    2, questioned

    Qualifying selection, he saw his teammates chose not to spray when an unconventional hero, no one wants to lose.


    3, humility

    In the election, when people did not want to do the spray position, not only can you lay that position. Have the dedication, and sometimes a good assist to lead the ADC super god.


    4, check

    Before the game starts check your own runes, talent.


    5, empathy

    Such as playing field, do not blindly follow their own routines, and stood to the opposite point of view the problem playing field, to let go the opposite follow your rhythm.


    6, up the knife

    Up the knife is a basic skills, to try to make every good knife. Lay a solid foundation is the key. Remote soldiers towers tap up a knife, melee soldiers towers knife point or two 's complement (remote AP requires double-tap ).


    7, online harassment

    Soldiers across the blood is also a lot of time not to indulge in about Akira, to harass the opposite hero is king.


    8, creeps, soldier refresh time

    Soldier is 1 minute, 30 seconds after a wave of four waves of a chariot.

    Far more than the enemy first two, multi- multi-point advantage on a skill.

    Creeps 1 minute 30 seconds to refresh


    9, online miss

    In the course of their own way on the line of the enemy must be promptly informed of the disappearance of his teammates and see the brightest on-line case, then empathy if he would go across the road and make the judgment whether or not to support. To learn habits about 10 seconds to see a small map, send a signal loss can not be anything, but probably saved his teammates.


    10, to understand the enemy's skill

    Many heroes have their own life-saving skills, such as displacement and dizziness. Once across with these skills, you can try a radical shake- up point. Both sides Summoner skills including CD time, the best all remember a note.


    11 enemy equipment column

    Each in its own line of enemy appears, press TAB to see the enemy must cultivate the habit of bar equipment, such as buying a few eye across thus reminding teammates. Note that there is excess energy went wild equipment bar fight the enemy, he is likely to go to refresh your home BUUF insert eye in the second BUFF.


    13, eyes

    Regardless of wind or wind, plug the eye is very important. If you hit the very edge, opposite the playing field is bound to provoke even other road gank, if you do not have the advantage, the opposite of the player can push the line and go crazy the other way gank. So home or buy at least one eye on the body.


    14, psychological warfare

    We all know that people in the case of anger is almost zero IQ, we can use it. For example, online play advantage, can do to influence the action ridicule Summoner opposite mentality.


    15, the core

    The core game is played before the mid- field, playing field have to have a lot of the bigger picture, when to do, there must be a non- clear ideas.

    Is the core of the mid- AP, AP thing to do at this time is their own or with the playing field and more gank.

    In the late game, ADC is to keep up with a single -core, single and ADC to do is secure the early development to ensure that the latter can cause considerable damage and survive for a long time.


    16, single row

    Personally do not recommend the double segmented much difference. Because, first, easy to run Leveling, second, very easy to hit the pit. I once called a drill 3 double play to help a friend segmented gold trumpet, played 12, won four. Every thought and consciousness too different segments, but you do not know the opposite of double strength. The result is that some problems are not themselves online, while other road collapse is very powerful.


    17, equipment

    Each hero attire routine is not dead, according to the form of the court to decide what.


    18 Reflections

    In the process of playing if he was beaten collapse, not to blame the auxiliary Unplugged eyes, not to blame the playing field is not to gank, first ask yourself, where do well, such as which skills do not hit each other several times, If you die before the hit, then it may be the other.


    19, video

    Many players like to see some video commentary while watching purposes only pastime, smile passed. The real essence of those who have not paid attention to the video. JY recommended we look with Tabe video. Because these two explanations of thinking closely, grasping the details are in place.


    20, game time

    Here is that the time to play the game. There are a lot of players in the lower segment, while the low segment filled with a lot of students, these students generally appeared in the Friday and Saturday. So the points you want to advise parents who do not qualifying weekend.


    Above 20, so that 1/3 of you to silver, 1 / 2 can to gold, 2 / 3 to go to platinum, the diamonds can do it all, so which division you want to reach?


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