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Riot Designer Is Working On The Issue Of Premature Being Pushed Tower After Changeover


    Since the popularity of line change tactics, League of Legends game becomes very fast early pace, the stylist of company of Riot revealed recently delay too fast is pushed off outside the tower design ideas.


    Q: Is there a way to solve this competitively? Would a tower HP buff help in any way?


    A: For 2v1, yes. Statikk is working on something that we want to get out before finals. (Statikk is Riot another designer, is doing something to solve this problem, we hope that this season put this issue before the final solution) Details are still being ironed out (it's mostly a complex math problem), and I'm interested in sharing more about this when we have a bit more info.


    In the current tournament Bureau and Bureau of passers-end game, the exchange line pressure are the most common opening design, even in the near future in the game, for the probability of line play has been higher than normal for the line, which leads to the situation that overall pace is accelerating, because this will be outside Taki Double road quickly turned down (especially the policewoman Lulu such combination). Resulting in a very early stage to line both sides of it to spend, so the rhythm of the initial design for some heroic idea is inconsistent, especially on a single hero in this line for years, a good on the single Grading can even say that he can in the case of consumption 1V2 longer, which obviously makes some people really like the single hero in the game can not continue to appear. Not only that, Riot initial design company also disrupted the rhythm of the game. ADC can not get a good Fram in the early period, because once the tower wing was quickly turned down immediately or in the tower is a Xiaolong Bao Tuan, while the single-ADAP hero at this time becomes too strong.


    Riot designers apparently aware of the problem, I believe that soon will become more balanced version reasonable. We think this version should be how the rhythm changes? Please express their views on it

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