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Riot Official Website Parsing S4 Group Stage


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    Grouping result has ended, all the teams in Group C should begin planning .C group for each team won their way to either champion their region, either in their own division once dominate for a long time there is a combination of both .Fnatic three European champions, LMQ in North Division regular season tied for first, OMG's name also has two LPL first, and they were kept in 2014 most of the time advantage, but also a former Samsung Blue OGN champion in the just-concluded summer season they also won the second place.


    Because this group has been the team's obvious advantage, so the rest is probably start competing for second place, but no matter how you look, the remaining three teams are full of selecting talented and can even count is the best player in the world.


    The only thing you can confirm that the competition will be very fierce. Samsung Blue, LMQ and OMG are very aggressive team, both in the advantages or disadvantages are true. While Samsung Blue for their aggressive behavior has to play better control , especially in the middle and playing their wild, while LMQ and OMG seems to only look in one direction and that is to fight the other hand, Fnatic rely more on their teamwork and walk achieve their tactical objectives. although this for them the main goal, but Fnatic for dragons control has a very big drawback.Fnatic biggest advantage is their team and collaboration capabilities, as they almost always have the same idea. In addition to the tactical aspects of their victory always been driven by the road, whether early or late game.

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