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Riot Officially Announced The 2014 World Finals Group Stage Draw For The Rules



    Recently, Riot officially announced the 2014 World Finals (s4 finals) group stage draw for the rules, each team up to no more than one from the team with the region, so that each division would appear to be more fair!



    16 teams divided into four groups
    Team Pool 1: North America, Europe, China, South Korea ranked first team ballot
    Team Pool 2: Southeast Asia first, Korea second, China's second, second in North America
    Team Pool 3: Southeast Asia's second, third Korea, China Third, Europe's second
    Team Pool 4: North Third, Europe's third, Latin America / Brazil (a wild card), Turkish / CIS / Oceania (wild card two)


    Each group will not have more than one from the same clan area, so also in order to avoid derby happen!


    Team tournament will be held in Singapore and Taiwan and other places, double loop BO1 game system, the top two teams into the quarterfinals.


    Knockout stages are BO5,1 / 4 finals in Busan conducted semifinals in Seoul conducted finals in Seoul Sangam Stadium (World Cup Stadium) were.


    With the approaching World Finals announced S4 structure and lineup, explain the group stage draw approach.


    When Rito S4 World Cup group stage design systems that maintain the integrity of the game to the highest priority. In addition, due to the different race around the processing time is constrained.


    Since the end of each election district preliminaries at different times - the last of the Chinese qualifier ended September 7, if the scene ballot if it means that 16 international teams only about one week's time to deal with visas, travel and logistics work . Rito also tried to consider alternatives, such as double booking air tickets and visa (while booking Taiwan and Singapore?) But found that these methods have not overcome the logistical, financial and human problems, and therefore can not be implemented. Private group draw allows us to immediately make flight arrangements for their team through the qualifiers after the screening. Therefore, visa problems and difficulties Rito can fly these teams will face is minimized.


    Given all these factors, Rito decided conducted confidentially in private group stage draw, this is the best way to do so is a few seasons ago. Ballot will be completed in August 14 first regional screening ago. At the end of all the qualifiers, we will hold a brief program revealed the group stage, the program will be revealed and analyzed in Rito group stage direction.


    Open before the end of qualifying draw will be many obstacles, which is open ballot itself some very serious problems. If these teams in the World Cup group stage to face that opponent, turn on the water, or they may be fake race. Do not want any team due to improper motives behind the manipulation to get a good position on, but they are doing all they want. Rito uphold the integrity of the game, and not risk making any compromise, even if the current approach is not so transparent ballot.


    Next season, Rito will be for all leagues and their schedule to do a global alignment, so that it can receive numerous benefits, including the ability to not violate the integrity of the game under the conditions of the site viable and transparent ballot.

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