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S1 to S3 Season Review and Welcome S4 Part I


    S4 preseason season about to open in December 2013, which means that S3 and our season will officially say goodbye, in this version of the change of time, let us recall what those things S1 and S2 season right season, but we have a better attitude meet the biggest change - S4 season.

    S1 to S3 scenes from the loss of our eyes, there are WE unwilling, but also the pride of belonging to the royal family. The initial season, the Chinese do not even have a regular team competition, to the royal clan aspirations S3 runner-up, China has witnessed the growth of the gaming industry.


    S1 season, added heros

    The first season, adding a total of 29 new hero, a hero in China wind Nadu Explorer Zhao letter to the beginning, to the unique design of the non- blue hero banished to the end of the blade Ruiwen. One of the most surprising, of course, after the acquisition of Tencent Riot brings pleasant surprise: China Wind regained hero, Li Qing and blind monk Monkey King, the design of these two heroes had been rejected for some reason, However, since they formally joined lol, amazing popularity proves Chinese wind prevailed all over the world.

    league of legends season 1 added hero


    ( Remember S1 hero avatar looks do not have a sense of humor )


    S1 season had a moment of hegemony heros

    Every Generation there is talent out of leading the trend for hundreds of years. If the various periods of the first season pioneering heroes listed in chronological order, generally will be:

    - Zhao letter ( Guards degree )

    - Great inventor, clown, explorer

    - Galen, grass, be careful and be superimposed kagero cloak

    - Bug mouth of the second person of the times

    - AOE era doom Girl, Vampire War, A Wood, Sentry, Mo Megane, ice Phoenix, Kennan 's


    - Qinxian Sona, wind female, two auxiliary era - and then later focus on the strengthening of the Pantheon, the goddess of war and rebirth Evelyn Nakano and dragon turtle body


    - And then later, wandering heroes dominate, Evelyn, strong gank cow, Knut dominate the opposition area


    - Finally, people began to pay attention and strong endurance hero, werewolves, Udyr, Gravediggers have briefly dominate. In fact, there are many heroes, " the leading position thirty-five days," such as the death song, stone, there are many heroes consistently strong performance throughout the year, such as the fear of the void, Ice shooter, aircraft, werewolves, Anne and the Knights and other precious stones.


    Elo boosting

    S1 season heros redone

    Heroes Redo: meaning substantial alteration of a hero of the core skills or multiple skill.


    Since then just launched, so S1 season, a lot of heroes redone due to various reasons. One of the more significant changes are:


    [ Wandering mage · Ruiz ( modified attack bonus mode CD time and skills to move large effect ) ]


    [ Barbarian king of Tryndamere ( anger systems increase the value adjustment of several skills ) ]


    [ Tau chiefs skills redo ], [ captain Redo ( cancel anti-complement ) ]


    [ Lava monster fully redone ]


    [ Inventor Redo ( big strokes effect change ) ]


    [ Judge angels Redo ( injury law abolished the conversion of offensive passive skills ) ]


    [ Nurse ] series redo


    [ Lord of War and the weakening global master send cards skill ( fullscreen transfer becomes half screen ) ]


    [ Under development ] stealth system redone so.


    S1 season added new props

    The most important props added S1 season is probably the " toughness " System equipped with added toughness, in addition to a large increase mana magic number of cutting edge equipment was also very popular, which in the end is equipped with several cold is hot, we must you can feel in the game.

    S1 to S3 Season Review and Welcome S4 Part I


    S1 season to be removed and redone props


    S1 love boxes propsS1 season, after trimming many props, special effects such as 5 seconds to add money to a unique series of equipment, five Sage, five shells, five loaded greedy way out of the sword of the past, some tanks and equipment weakened storm big sword lower prices, Infinity Blade property promotion, etc., I select from several important changes recorded in the past affect the equipment and its effect on the game.


    Commonly known as love boxes, due to the presence of the props, so then Qinxian, Udyr, the son of the stars, such as the hero becomes infinite life of perpetual motion, was eventually removed.


    Ya rings in both the death of another cap in Jashari leakage effects, represents the strongest AOE heroic era. The initial effect of property and equipment for the vampire and the subsequent increase attack damage, because the effects are too popular and too complicated mechanisms, in addition to the vampire, effects to additional magic damage and reduce magic resistance.


    elo boostingThe initial effect of the additional magic damage and reducing mana each other, it is called the cutting knife blue knife or bluing. Because of the multi-energy system, this mechanism is limited applicability bluing eventually removed this property.


    elo boostingOriginal kagero effects caused 40 injuries for each effect can be superimposed. Its effects to "only", the representative of the end of an era, five three-speed shoes kagero Galen no longer invincible, kagero teach destruction, after a series of tanks and equipment weakened coalition declared the era of the last tank.


    elo boostingThe equipment used to have a 20% chance to dodge, dodge effect is subsequently removed, the price straight down 500, and improve some of the properties.


    Elo boosting

    Evolution of play

    2010.8 -October, when, lol not yet fully formed, sub-line is not much strategy to fight wild hero is not much. Now go back to see the last game, you might not be accepted. Later, European and American players to develop many new playing field hero, the dragon turtle became king shook gank moment, another classic case is the resurrection Nakano development streams and wild Widowmaker. It has increased the importance of wild areas, and sometimes smoke, letting the player no longer clear heroes and wild Nakano, Nakano stepped up efforts to gank, the rise of the so-called "anti- wild" style of play.


    The classic anti- hero wild clown, Bobby, robotics, etc. Widowmaker. It also is the number one anti- wild hero and later - to pave the way for the next Knut 's rise.

    After 2011: There are two points in this period began to get attention: Walk and on -line capabilities. Some on -line capability powerful hero status has been vindicated, such proud leader of the rock people, Timo, void of fear, female leopard and other players unexpectedly found that these heroes actually exceptionally strong line of significance is - good beginning is half the success.


    Walk play in the first half of 2011 is more representative, wandering hero + hero playing field, often pre- poll ever. Classic walk: cow, Widowmaker, mice, gems Knight, Bobby. Walk play through precipitation ( affected by various factors, some wandering hero is weakened ), now is still a popular hero does not walk much, buffaloes and auxiliary be the only remaining gems of this walk.

    2011 Another play back the evolution of high- blood hero ability to become king online, they use their ability to easily perverted blood back to your online opponents mill collapse, especially semi- meat DPS.


    The most classic is also the most traditional: vampires, Blade will include female leopard and void fears mentioned above.


    Some future: Counselor command, werewolves, spirit beasts, the weapon master. Lanterns, Hexx technology revolver, ancient guns will and Hexx edge technology capabilities of these high blood back to the equipment become the " artifact."


    Development events

    In the first season of this year, China also hosted many major competitions, IG team ( former CCM) with two major championship triumph in the pack, and WE followed by another well-known gaming club EHOME 's LOL team in China have enjoyed a high reputation. Aside from major international competitions Chinese qualifier, another important event is organized by the TGA and Tencent own TGC, Tencent professional packaging, promotion, and high reward, so that the two events become China 's trump card race.


    The first season all the big games, the first NBA Finals Dreamhack in Sweden held the most attention on the game, creating a history of competing electric live record number of viewers - at the peak of more than 20 million people watch the Dreamhack tournament.


    Whether the game is still concern about the impact that this game has rocked the entire gaming industry, the world 's top LoL team gathered in Sweden, so LoL players around the world an insight into the kinds of play, bring lol players real gaming feast. This game really affect every player in the world, European -point line started to become a standard of Lol -line, double- Master team has also become players competing to imitate tactics. Many heroes through the game to make people aware of their powerful. Lol final squad for the European championship gaming powerhouse fnatic, the runner-up for aAa, TSM was runner-up teams in North America.


    The current world's largest race are:


    Dreamhack under the world's largest gathering of electronic line


    Games WCG gaming sector


    IEM Global Tour Masters Series tournament


    In addition, ESL in Europe and North America have held GO4LoL online league, tournament schedule of week, month, season and finals attracted a lot of players involved, but also cultivate a number of outstanding teams. ESL is also held in Cologne Game Show large front finals ESL Europe Europe SK clan and clan TSM North America had two wonderful game. In the last paragraph of the first season, Riot announced a second season of the tournament will have a total prize money of $ 500W.


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