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S1 to S3 Season Review and Welcome S4 Part II


    S4 preseason season about to open in December 2013, which means that S3 and our season will officially say goodbye, in this version of the change of time, let us recall what those things S1 and S2 season right season, but we have a better attitude meet the biggest change - S4 season.

    S1 to S3 scenes from the loss of our eyes, there are WE unwilling, but also the pride of belonging to the royal family. The initial season, the Chinese do not even have a regular team competition, to the royal clan aspirations S3 runner-up, China has witnessed the growth of the gaming industry.


    Offensive S2


    Hero changes

    The second season, a total of 22 new heroes to join the battlefield. But also caused a number of heroes to join a more diverse tactics, more than great potential hero to join, such as Dracaena Wu Ji, etc. as well as the first hero can evolve : Kazi Ke. Relative S1 S2 is a new experience.


    Riot in S2 and not too many OP heroes exist, you have to say that at most only male OP gun just came out really called OP up. The other heroes are consequent to a strong posture, of course, does not rule out that he died a hero, like Wei Lusi.


    But then, Riot After a test of the season after S1, seems to know how to be strong to make a hero, but will not OP, so that they can really form a tactical system, not a person to change the war.


    As a representative, Jess is doing my part, but in fact there is such a remote S1 consumed genre, but Jess emergence of this tactic to play better and reflect.


    Throughout the S2 season, Riot seems to have wanted to find a balance point, you want to rely on some heroes to create more tactical, I believe we have not encountered in the full year S2 see a hero who had felt lost set the game, right?

    Old Folks, we will not forget you

    Heroes Redo : Finally, Riot did not forget those old hero, and finally let them slowly stood up from the bench, let's take a look back at it:


    [ War King & Poon ( comprehensive skills to modify, Q skills can crit ) ]


    [ Weapon Master Jax ( modified dodge mechanism to active open ) ]


    [ Twilight ] eye skill overhaul


    [ Zhao letter Redo ( finally become a mainstream hero ) ]


    [ Evelyn ] new stealth mechanisms and skills


    [ Source plague redo ( canceled long stealth ) ]


    [ Soraka appearance redo ]


    [ Drizzt appearance comprehensive master card upgrade ( Jiangnan style dance moves ) ]


    [ Galen / Katrina surge dramatically redo brutal degrees ]


    [ War Goddess Sivir redo the fire pole momentary ADC ].

    S1 to S3 Season Review and Welcome S4


    Comprehensive reform

    The new equipment

    In the League of LegendsS2 season, from the original S1 season toughness system still being extended to the present, while S2 season, there are many new props, of course, also includes a variety of props to modify the properties of which the biggest change than the offerings Embrace the fire, the chief designer said I wanted to delete the props.

    New talent and skills Summoner


    New Summoner Skills:


    League of Legends in S2 when redo the game Summoner skills, which flashed weaken and undermine particularly dazzling insight, so that he often saw the great God who flashed a variety of wall. At that time, a lot of pit father flashed highlights videos are used as the main joke.


    It is worth mentioning that, in Summoner Canyon tower defense can not be used, and the presence of tower defense S1 when I think we all had the experience is how strong presence, right? Secondly, the new Summoner has a skill called war surge, but it really is not as good as the actual effect of the treatment to ignite or practical, at that time the ADC staff really are a treat.


    New talent :


    In fact, the goal is also to redo the talent in the game you want to reduce the chance, like to remove the original crit talent, just a single character of the fight directly captain suddenly disappeared in people's eyes. In order to reduce the chance of the game, Jax also will be redone, not because of the game early in the probability of an accidental death lead to a snowball rolled.


    The new rules Nakano


    Nakano changes:


    New Nakano Ono blame each region will have a leader, and chief -level mobs will kill recovery after being a small amount of blood and blue, gold kill mobs drop lower.


    Red and blue BUFF weakened :


    Both red and blue BUFF effect was reduced red BUFF slowing effect from the full level of 30% down to 24% ; Blue BUFF regen effect from 1.5% maximum mana regeneration reduced to 1 % of maximum mana regeneration.


    This leads to the efficiency and the timing of the middle GANK GANK assistance is particularly important. However, due to the weakening of the Blue BUFF, the majority of single AP hero will choose a life of equipment there as the preferred equipment.


    Creeps AI enhancements:


    Baron and dragons now completely ignore armor penetration effect, but creeps reset the speed, distance and speed reset back to the blood have been a great improvement.


    Tactical evolution

    Experienced the S1 season, the season in S2 more more tactical appeared in front of us, a lot of teams have by virtue of their original number of tactics to grab a place of their own.


    The whole League of Legends community has been given the title of a team of master tactician, and that is M5.


    M5 every game will bring us unexpected tactics. Remember the M5 Dragon What? This time the game has gone through M5, we think there is no one to be used as a hero on the big day to become popular. M5 hands of an ace and more than Dragon, leader of the pride is their another ace.

    When it comes to the evolution of tactics, let us look at the world inherited from S1 stream it, is called a global flow is through the individual hero's skills are up to the moment the war in such a tactical play more small, at the end of S1, the global cut the flow of fragmented, truly global skills currently still can survive only big move carefully, but with a large single card trick AP GANK still be able to receive a good effect.


    On the current situation of the game, the global flow still has a fairly large space can be made, but the only problem is that, in the lineup a bit simple, but you can swap your opponents tactics core hero for the global flow ban. This also led to the tactical implementation of global flows up or have some difficulty.


    The next stage is called POKE tactical flow, although this tactic in use over a long time ago, let CLG. But this tactic because Jess and become very hot, so-called POKE flow, that his team has multiple remote consumption skills, and other active engaging in warfare, they can use the skills to accelerate or reduce the enemy's movement speed, thus let his team off smoothly from the battlefield. While the other consumed a lot of the value of life but can also rely on the skills to proactively accelerate Qiuzhan.


    This tactic is strong in mobility is very good, very flexible, and there are many heroes have such skills, and similarly, this tactic also has drawbacks of their own, that is, once the rhythm of the game is driven by the opponent, then Poke flow the power will be greatly reduced, and the remote consume no effect when the team battles are POKE flow fatal weakness.


    Great Man who scenery at S2

    Dyrus: is an excellent single- player, relying on a single alchemical he became famous, he specializes in the application can be described as varied, but most everyone loved that he would not stop snacking in live time, and will occasionally pause live to tell you, " I went to order a PIZZA " Honestly, I think if we make him S2 finals while playing eat, combat will definitely be higher.


    Stanley: As a TPA on a single player, play can be described as stable. Before S2 Finals for LOL players around the world who, TPA has hardly been known, STANLEY even be called a star. Can semifinal battle against the M5, is by virtue of his female leopard advance, TPA was able to win the race, Stanley expressed in S2 also deserved to become the best player on one of S.


    Toyz: TOYZ always confident, not afraid of any opponent, Toyz really confident, but before S2 finals, how many people know him? In addition to TPA presumably fans, few people will know the name of the single- player, right? Toyz without too brisk performance, but his style has been very strong, very good resourcefulness official appraisal of him on the word : Toyz clockwork Daimon OP!


    Smile : Smile WE played as a member of the most robust, not to mention against any team in the ADC he have a good performance and did not strive, the world's first ADC to him really, but points. Smile precise position in the race to go, the exact timing of grasp of their own technology are so confident that he can monopolize the world's best ADC honor. I remember before someone said, smiling while ADC can harass you, while a soldier is not lost.


    Froggen: LOL famous clan CLG.EU single APC, APC is also one of the top world, there is a bird called the world's first ice lead CLG.EU clan repeatedly achieved excellent results in international competitions, is very LOL sector influential players. Encounter CLG.EU not ban ice waiting for the bird almost lose it. A person can be a hero used to make opponents tremble with fear, many times the birds rely on the ice to restore the whole game around.


    BestRivenNA: I think the players certainly have heard his name a lot.R Vivian in his hands seemed to us as usual is not playing a hero. Name also so domineering, say he is not the strongest immune.


    AlexIch: As captain of the M5, as Europe's most outstanding single player, Alex is definitely the most powerful presence. Why Alex better than other single player? One of the biggest reasons is the hero he would be good at too many other players have particularly good plus more skilled, and Alex as long as there is a hit single AP can increase achievement. This also allows him to easily survive the brutal BAN we checked down.


    iG.PDD: But the IG said a single ace now, but he is also one of the internationally recognized to be the best single- player, PDD prince dominant force in the road can be described as amazing.


    Doublelift: Double the League of Legends community can be said to be an All-Star player, and his play has been the most stable CLG, CLG other players in the doldrums, he can always come out to hold up the game.


    S1 to S3 Season Review and Welcome S4



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