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S1 to S3 Season Review and Welcome S4 Part III



    S4 preseason season about to open in December 2013, which means that S3 and our season will officially say goodbye, in this version of the change of time, let us recall what those things S1 and S2 season right season, but we have a better attitude meet the biggest change - S4 season.

    S1 to S3 scenes from the loss of our eyes, there are WE unwilling, but also the pride of belonging to the royal family. The initial season, the Chinese do not even have a regular team competition, to the royal clan aspirations S3 runner-up, China has witnessed the growth of the gaming industry.


    The rapid development of S3

    Auxiliary Board of the strongest high-end stone hammer falls, Jianmo, Zach hot.

    League of LegendsS3 from January 2013 season kicks off. When October 5, along with South Korea beat China 3-0 SKT1 royal clan, world champion, world's third championship season also came to a close.


    This season, the hammer stone, Jianmo, Zach and other new hero debut. Hammer stone arguably one of the most popular S3 Auxiliary, and the long occupation of winning list, to high-end non Ban Required bureau can be seen. And all because of Zack and Jianmo excellent group warfare capabilities and the ability to rely on the line to become the most popular players in mind.


    S3 rhythm games significantly strengthen national team game tactics differentiation.

    Compared to S2, S3 season playing in the wild hero was strengthened defensive talent and defense equipment of low income, and higher equipment revenues penetration, and more, armor and resistance mechanisms changed. All adjustments are making players feel the rhythm of the game S3 significantly faster than ever before.


    In this season, the game between national teams tactics produced a clear differentiation. South Korea to push the flow speed tactical teams in Europe CLG.EU clan " wall" propulsion system, there are dazzling performance in S3. Chinese team also developed during this period that many creative tactics, double WE summarized as friends wandering clan of flow and so on.


    S3 royal edged SKT1, the disparity in power then ROK gaming thought-provoking.

    September 8, 2013, League of Legends China finals in celebration of the second anniversary of the war LOL. Had not been optimistic about the royal clan popped up all the way to dark horse stance, and ultimately defeated 3:1 OMG won the title. OMG royal family and also won the expedition Los Angeles, on behalf of qualified Chinese teams participating. S3 on the global finals quarter-finals, defeating the royal clan OMG again the semi-finals.


    S3 finals to be held in Los Angeles Lakers at home. However, in the finals, 0-3 loss to South Korea royal clan SKT1, regret runner-up, although this is the Chinese team of Legends season best result achieved in the League, but around the royal clan and the strength of the Chinese gaming dispute still got the unprecedented outbreak.


    User quarrel sound, in fact, revealed a more emotional for Chinese clan turn iron into steel. Dress League of Legends team has made from the beginning to now S3 operations end, LOL greatest achievement was to witness and promote the development of China's gaming industry. With social gaming consciousness, Chinese electric hand them the election is still a long way to go, while waiting in front of them, the S4 is the upcoming season.

    S4 Season

    New opportunities Esport under support of the jungle

    League of LegendsS3 qualifying session has ended, followed by a variety of news S4 changes.


    The known situation, S4 significant alteration of at least the following:

    1 new " jewelry " System debut, the seventh player in your inventory will appear grid for placing jewelry. Different jewelry with different secondary effects, will greatly enhance the ability to assist the hero in the game.


    2 part Rune is weakened, and the talent tree changes will play a role in changing the hero positioning, and will produce more impact on the game early.


    3 Nakano has been strengthened, not only playing field line becomes more creeps will also provide more money, playing the hero's wild spring comes.


    4 auxiliary heroes spring has come, the traditional numerical assisted Starlets, wind and several other women have been improved. The new plug eye, the system will make up the knife assist economic situation was greatly improved.


    5.S4 vision mechanism, the maximum number of insert eye each player is limited to three, the new " jewelry " system provides a means to control a variety of new horizons. Game grass distribution has also been a number of changes.


    6. Overall pace, global economic incentives to push the tower gained will be reduced, dragons money increases, the great dragon buff weakened, often appear in the game "snowball " phenomenon is expected to be reduced in S4.


    Overall, the playing field has been relatively bench players in the Chinese mind, assisted two positions will be further strengthened in the S4, the mechanism for vision changes will make the game a team is more important.


    With the huge changes can be foreseen, S4 tactics in the game will change dramatically, professional team play is bound to happen a lot of adjustments. WE clan after if the wind had said in the tested S4, S4 season changes to make the game competitive and interesting has improved.


    The advent of the new season, still face powerful clan countries, especially in South Korea is regarded as the imaginary enemy clan, the clan China faces no small challenge, through S4 boom, Chinese eSports ability to obtain better results, we wait and see ! ! !


    Looking forward to a spectacular S4!!!

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