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S3 Finals Tickets Have Been Sold Out


    Recently, the fist company established in North America in the third branch - the New York office. They rented an office in New York as a second layer of the office, and with the property signed a five-year contract. It is reported that the rental office about 24 million dollars annually.


    Now, the fist company headquartered in Santa Monica, in addition, they also have their own studio in St. Louis. For the establishment of branch offices in New York, fist official said: "This is not what is important in order to start the program, we just want better access to local support LOL, support eSports players to communicate it." It is worth mentioning that fist companies, including Dublin, Ireland, Turkey, Istanbul, Moscow, Russia, Brazil, Sao Paulo, Sydney, Australia, South Korea's Seoul global several regions have established their own branch.


    In addition, the U.S. local time on October 4, S3 World Finals will be held in Los Angeles Staples Stadium. The NBA-level stadium can accommodate up to twenty thousand spectators, according to official sources fist, finals tickets have been sold. This means that, when the finals may be eSports scene largest audience in the history of the large independent game.


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