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S3 Global Qualifier Remaining Three Places Near The End


    September 2, 2013, S3 Global Finals Most teams have already been baked. With this weekend qualifier in China and Korea District playoff ended 14 Global Finals teams will be officially released. Here, we take a look at the Finals now qualified team now!


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    Promotion team

    Southeast Asia: MineSki , orange bear


    International wild card race: GamingGear.EU


    Europe: Fnatic, LD, GambitGaming


    North America: C9, TSM, Vulcun


    South Korea: Najin Black Sword, MVP Ozone (SKT1, CJ Frost, KT B and CJ Blaze4 teams will compete for the final promotion places a Korean area S3)


    China: September 8 will determine the two promoted teams, at present, OMG, IG, royal, PE promotion qualifier (specific information)


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