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S3 Group Stage Race 10 Details


    Eloboostlol S3 for the majority of players to bring the exclusive world championship battlefield, the following details:

    Competition Time: September 16

    Event Category: Group Stage

    Competition Team: Gambit vs MVP

    Outcome of the relationship: 1:0

    The two sides B & P:

    The two sides BAN people:

    Gambit: policewoman, blind monk, hammer stone

    SSO: Jianmo, robbery, aircraft

    The two sides selection:

    Gambit: Shen, piano woman, fox, mouth, widows

    SSO: Jie pull Weien, Prince, Alchemy, Ruiz

    Battlefield details:

    The two sides are very conservative start, simply do the next field in the river, and then the two sides did not change the way in the case of just the front.

    5 minutes, Prince came to the middle and the widow going to do a big business, first faceless widow did not expect Prince also squatting across the grass, Prince Eren put an EQ after the fox is a bit too hard to stir. Found wrong widow fled to the bushes and surrendered flash, while the back of the prince with a red BUFF also very decisive surrender flash, Prince and Ruiz also recover the past, but this time the fox Chen Prince Ruiz put together joint widow were killed.

    CMB got the point advantage early after starting to look a little wave, especially in the next way to get ahead again after it is dog eat dog, although SSO can also be in addition to the development of alchemical than other people have received varying degrees of obstruction. But later it is absolutely Ruiz and alchemists of the world.

    CMB while yet before going to put off to a later period and fast paced, five people went to catch a wave under the road going, witty VN retreated Jie pulled down two towers but not so lucky, being a widow with red BUFF stick with the skills live, before dying in order to retain VN put a big success to dispel the idea while GMB moved to dragons who hesitated after beginning alchemist decided to remove on a tower to reduce the loss of economic disparities.

    Then the two sides into a period of quiet period, obviously late to talk SSO hope onto large CMB fight once, but did not give the SSO do so entirely CMB, CMB against foxes and jaws into t damage output in the next two groups inside again and again succeed.

    30 minutes, the economic gap between the two sides has reached 10,000 difference, SSO can no longer rely alchemical and Ruiz 's CARRY regain finale, the final wave breaking CMB ruined tower Crystal Heights Road after, SSO played GG!

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