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S3 Has Passed and Whether China Revenge Success in WCG


    In the just-concluded World Finals in S3, on behalf of China 's royal clan played in the final record to 3-0 defeat to South Korea SKT1 clan. Although the runner-up, but three little child with blood. In an interview before the game, whether it is TABE or puppy, white has said: "In addition to the royal family has been able to overcome all of the clan SKT1 outside ( they are practiced ) " But the fight is basically a small mistake SKT1 words will be three minutes GG, including the royal family have more confidence in the next road, TABE said: "SKT1 the road strong! dozen wild super! middle super! under way strong! " We still see in the final kill a gorgeous EZ4, UZI road was under pressure particularly miserable.
    China and South Korea LOL disparity really that big? Do we still have All-Star break point is not progress?

    In actual fact, can only say that Korean horrible, OMG learn something very clearly after the All-Star learned some Korean rhythm, and added its own unique elements, making the game becomes crisp 'sharp. But Korean already developed new tactics. We Take for instance this S3 finals, SKT1 got Jax on a single after playing field directly without brain squatting Jax development, not directly to the royal family on a single GODLIKE compressive strength is often more towers to kill. By comparison, the royal family and wild LUCKY then hit the running aimlessly over the map, but who can be caught dead, opened the gap is the total here. South Korea's playing field seems like a very simple squat weapons, in fact, this is the largest South Korean team beat royal tactics, their operations better than where we are, on the contrary consciousness than our leader too, when the royal family still think clinging fast break to get under the tower when dragons. God of the road super early to be ringing off the hook, the delay can not be separated lines, leading to the royal party was completely disrupted the rhythm, apparently this time the royal family was impatient and Korean would like to play ball like you want to play but can not hit I, OK you strong open group, you will hurt even heavier. Candidates have to say Korean hero, blind, Jie strong ability to pull the upper hand are anti- heroes, if you choose the more royal tower Strong, Jie can pull big move, and the blind can kick you off, or be unlikely. By this time has been in the development of weapons development. After 15 minutes, a large devil weapons came, an individual can withstand the royal side of the four individual output force and you hit group, which is Korean tactics. Less than a perfect timing I just do not fight you! Royalties is because of this three completely caught up in the sleeve SKT1, three in 20 minutes early point on the GG. In fact, I also think this may be the confidence of the royal family is also related to how before the training match did not even win, playing the final time is certainly very empty.
    Here many of the Internet users have to say that discussion said that if abuse OMG finals certainly out SKT1. It seems like the OMG in the group stage play particularly well, but also won SKT inning. But the memories we carefully look at that game. OMG in the economy has been over a substantial lead in the case, the group fights still play no advantage, with more than N skills are hard to kill FAKER barrel, FAKER operation is a good reason, there is a reason that South Korea even in the case of inferior opponents want to bring your own pace. But OMG finally seize an opportunity to win the game group off opponents. But in the final group game, OMG no suspense 12 minutes was broken crystal Road, 15 minutes directly GG, this is not what OMG drain, hidden tactics. But so true strength of the gap. OMG is useful to set royalties fight, it may be a special understanding of the OMG relationship, but by no means everyone talks royal weak teams. Even OMG finals, beat South Korea is also very small possibility, not to mention this is just a hypothesis.

    Game is over, but then there will be more games played against us and South Korea over there, WCG is a best chance. Korean that time will certainly come up with more new strange tactics to astound the world. Of course, I also hope that the Chinese team do not blindly imitate Korean style of play, they can innovation some new tactics big move, a lot of practice, the final time to get rid of Korea stick!!

    No matter what the final team qualifying WCG China, want to be able to achieve good results in the finals.


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