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S3 League of Legends Finals In September Moved Lakers


    Riot Corporation today announced 2013 S3 League of Legends Finals will move to the city of Los Angeles, California at Staples Center, where the NHL North American professional ice hockey center, but also the NBA Lakers and Clippers home, which can accommodate 18,000 people, S2 Finals last year the venue for University of Southern California Galen Centre can only hold one million people.


    S3 League of Legends Finals qualifier from August 17 kicked off the Southeast Asian region, and the second quarter of the same, there are two teams in each region can participate in the quota of the playoffs, the South Korean team as All-Star winner will get an additional incentive quota, while the other is a wild card places game Show in Cologne, Germany in the international championship game winner. Team places in each region are as follows: North America, three teams; Europe three teams; Southeast two teams; China two teams; Korea three teams; wild card a team.


    League of Legends World Championship race S3 manner similar to last year, U.S. time together since September 16 in North America, Southeast Asia, Korea, China, Europe and other places, apart from the preliminaries on behalf of 14 teams gathered in Southern California team will carry intense competition, and the venue will be in the finals last year at the Final Four Grand Centre.


    Final Four teams will be the final victory of two U.S. time on October 4 at the Staples Center showdown, won the championship of the team member's name will be engraved on the trophy in the Summoner, S3 season prize of $ 1 million, this will also be the total prize money this season raised to $ 8,000,000.


    Riot said something last League of Legends rapid development of electric competition, such as in Shanghai held League of Legends All-Star Game is not only 50 million players participate in the vote, decided to participate in tournament players, it also attracts up to 18 million viewers, the current monthly League of Legends up to 32 million active players. Learn more: click here.


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