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S4 Changes Help Support Enhanced Compared to The Previous Three Seasons


    Support Auxiliary status

    support needs to be done:

    1, a little up the knife in the double line of players.


    2, the team responsible for providing vision ( investigation guard ).


    3, responsible for support to complete the kill or to protect the output hero Hero has been killed.


    If we are careful analysis, we find that these jobs are actually contradictory:

    1, a little up the knife Summoner has a minimum income.


    2, insert eyes need to spend money, but the more eye -bit wide cloth team brought the greater effectiveness of the equipment, but the greater the support for the growing pressure.


    3, in order to insert the eye support is often necessary to leave your teammates. support of the hero usually need to stay teammates around to protect them.


    From the above analysis, we can not find a plug up the knife is also responsible for a double eye line support players can be said to be the most miserable Summoner, because they need to spend the most money on consumables, but at least the role of growth. Support players double lines can be said to give up their growth achievements of his teammates, if his teammates not to force it, the tragedy begins!

    S4 Changes


    Then the S4 season, designers will be how to solve these problems?


    Designers prefer Summoner two double lines can grow together, support players can buy props you want, and even have a chance to buy a full equipment.


    To achieve this goal, they are currently considering the following changes:


    1, increase of the players do not make up a knife money income.

    2, or online players who level playing field behind his teammates will get additional experience.


    3, limiting the number of each player can insert eye.


    4, for each player to get free vision props


    In addition, through the following channels will allow players to get new revenue support:

    1, can increase the talent extra money for double -line players.


    2, to enhance the performance of the props so that good support can be rewarded.


    3, much larger than kill assists players to increase incentives assists.


    If you support the economic players are guaranteed, as well as giving everyone the basic vision of props, can encourage teams to better teamwork, limiting the number of each of the human eye in order to make everyone pay more attention to vision, rather than just rely on support.


    Let us look at some of the designs are still props:

    1, the philosopher's stone to get an extra income every 10 seconds. When nearby teammates kill a soldier, you will get income.


    2, the executioner badge ( tentative translation ) will be executed soldier blood less than 200 and give yourself and your teammates income around. Your teammates will get a little extra money. This effect is launching a maximum of two per minute.


    3, the blade will make the thief 's method to increase your skills and money when normal attack hit the opponent. For the same goal can only be launched once every ten seconds, and kill the enemy will make this effect disappears 10 seconds.


    These changes can help support the hero in the new season, the players are more loved?


    In the game, double -line support will be able to buy except for shoes and eye stone better equipment. not only in terms of support for the vision to make a great contribution to the team is more likely to increase their combat power in the late game, so there are more important support groups play in the war. Heroes will support a balanced allocation of time in their eye is inserted, push the line to help his teammates and play their combat effectiveness in team fights to protect his teammates and kill the enemy.


    Currently a league of main support Hero Legends official definition: Sona, Soraka, Lu Lu, Tariq and so on. These are designed from the outset as a hero support in previous versions has been balanced to not need the income to achieve their goals, and if so that they have more money income, then they will probably become too powerful mage Some can be replaced or cause more harm to non- support of a hero. So in the new version allows the designer the door is moving direction support hero can withstand more magic attacks or other property changes ( for example, can increase the movement speed of the team, etc. ). These new changes can make support more established heroes rather than positioning their support to play more damage.


    If you read my article I hope to give you an auxiliary players bring something to look forward to the new season. League designers have been insisting that every one can understand Summoner grow in the game, like every one of their qualified positions or roles.


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