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S4 Preseason New Changes Official Q and A


    Before us S4 pre-season is about to begin, fist official also made a simple Q&A questions to let the player more clear understanding of the preseason exactly is a what happened, now, we're together and see it!


    If I in S4 pre-season grade upgrade, so can I get the corresponding reward S3?


    This, of course, is not enough, we hand out rewards deadline and standard is local server S3 position players at the end of the record. Pre-season is to allow players to adapt to the new changes, rather than giving them a chance to continue to receive the S3.


    Then why did we play qualifying in S4 preseason?


    Let's put it this way, S4 preseason qualifying is very meaningful, you are in the period of performance will directly affect the S4 officially the grading of the season.


    Why don't the preseason is reset segment of qualifying?


    Preseason changes a lot, including the game itself and the ranking system. These data will take time to deal with. Plus the preseason allows players to adapt to the new changes, this is not kill two birds with one stone?


    Why not reset segment of qualifying twice, once in pre-season and a formal season?


    In fact, in such a short time to reset the two ranking system and does not make sense, is to give the players in pre-season and our design team a good transition. When we open the formal season, players have been very familiar with the new changes, because they all have equal opportunity to practice.


    If I don't play in the preseason games qualifying, what would happen? This will make me sits down in the formal start of the season?


    No, you can be in one single position all don't play preseason (but, you know, your friends are adapt to the new season, you didn't). In order to satisfy those who don't play in the preseason rankings of players, because of not playing for a long time out of mechanism will be temporarily closed, in addition to the strongest king outside the group.


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