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S4 Summoner Canyon Visual Map Update


    First: Rocks on the map with a lot of blocking the entrance there are some rocky terrain, we will certainly improve the appearance of these pure rock. Add content, improve margins and so on.


    Second: trees, trees, contours and shapes updated to make it more aesthetically pleasing and not be misleading. There is no actual terrain contours and does not meet.


    Third: Baron range circle, Baron is a special existence, we have to update the composition and appearance of a small circle to make more with a sense of play baron.


    Fourth: Road on both sides of the white torch, torch white map above we will remove them.


    Fifth: Some extra small objects, we will remove (such as torches, and so many places in the corner)


    Sixth: All towers looks, well, they are now ugly.


    Seventh: Reserved Theme: Fantasy-style forest, spring design, full map uniform light and design.


    Eighth: The map size will not be major changes, the current is very suitable.


    Ninth: maintain the current low-end computer configuration Canyon adapt the display level.


    Tenth: creeps styling upgrade, has the possibility to change some creeps location (such as the person's entire terrain from the stone face down road turn 180 degrees to face the red buff)


    XI: Map of the skin is temporarily absent on schedule


    Twelve: a combination of road and all-terrain updated convergence


    Thirteen: dragons visual updates, there is a certain possibility


    Fourteen: It may increase the number of small objects can be attacked more interesting.


    Fifteen: day and night change, the possibility of general, climate change, it is possible.


    The above summary is not the entire contents, but it is a brief description of the main content.


    Another article also mentioned a gamers sympathy vote for ideas


    If the game becomes five dozen four or less, if five people there after the victory, you can vote to decide whether the opponent compassionate, determined to be sympathetic four or fewer points on the opponent be penalized in qualifying will be reduced.


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