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Secret C9 Comprehensive Teams


    With excellent play, C9 clan has now become North America's new overlord. They are currently at 15 wins and 2 losses record summer season in North America LCS chasing. In the end is what can a just promoted to the LCS team immediately dominate the game it? Recently, the North American LCS official online article reveals to us the details.


    C9 only cottage Korea?

    C9 clan arena in LCS budding time, either player, race commentary or experts are agreed that: "This is a tactical clan only cottage Korea." And in fact, appears in the tactical arena OGN just C9 The first teacher, C9 put everything became full own personality.


    "I think this statement is not accurate, although we used those Korean hero used, but the performance of our online and they can be quite different. Moreover, we will be according to the field situation and the flexibility to adjust our fight France. "BALL expressed on a single player.


    "I think it is because we use the heroes and tactical execution speed push it so players have such illusion. Apart from these two points, the arena C9 unique style." ADC players Sneaky says.


    A team of "tactical brain," said the LemonNation said: "Yes, we clan deeply influenced by Korean, but we always play the strongest development we think, you know, we can compare them to play to a newer version, the updated hero, there is no reason we rely on them too? Now, the world's professional team are looking at OGN, are to learn from them. CLG even hired Montecristo (author at: OGN English commentary, the whole Star Game anger specialists who spray if the wind) as their South Korean tactical analyst / agent, but this can change what? we must Korean tactics into their own things, mechanically doomed to failure. "


    The single player in the team and play wild Meteos Hai also said South Korea's tactics just their inspiration, as Americans, they have always maintained their Teli style.


    C9 spirit

    In addition to learning Korean tactics, there is what makes it so powerful C9? In this regard, Meteos and Sneaky said they unique "to a specific target on the map as the center (tower, dragon, BUFF) tactics make them invincible. Moreover, harmonious atmosphere within the team is also an essential part of their success.


    "A lot of teams in North America do not know what they're doing in a node when it is to get dragons, dragon or Canada, or push the tower, or murder? On this point, we do better than them. We kill the opponent's goal is very clear, is to the dragon, tower, BUFF. we do not waste time. "LemonNation said.


    For relationships within the team, the players, said: "First we will of course eSports as a legitimate work in his spare time, our relationship is very good squad. Between the players cherish the friendship between our often go out to play in the game after our relationships within the team is better than the other LCS team. "


    Moreover, the team is very strong and inclusive. "We are not to blame teammates, we allow teammates mistakes when teammates mistakes, we will not tangle, on the contrary, we will immediately come up with countermeasures." Hai said that the single player.


    Personal strength

    In addition to high power outside the executive team, C9 players can not minimize personal strength. While on the technology, they may not be the first in North America, but the magic of this team is that the players of different styles but just to learn from each other.


    As ADC, Sneaky is particularly able to sacrifice for the team. "I often hold together as early as possible and give up some of the creeps and I do not think the role of ADC special than the other, it is necessary to spend more time making money, you should earn more team battles ahead, everything to the team as heavy. Sometimes, I make up a wave of small soldiers, then as soon as possible to go and join his teammates, so the tempo will gradually came to our side. Actually, I was not a natural team type players, but, I was teammates infected. "with the CLG to" DoubleLift centric "tactics compared, C9 more focused team.


    And the team around just another type of ADC is equipped with a radical auxiliary - LemonNation, which makes them extremely powerful under the road. In North America, LemonNation is considered to be the most radical addition Crs.Edward outside aid. "I only play support hero, but you want to have a heart to kill, so I had a very aggressive, but I can keep calm, this line of our control happened." Like with LemonNation, Hai also an aggressive player, regardless of the wind or the wind, he likes to push the soldiers line to the other tower to the other pressures.



    Now, the fast development of the game, like the emergence of a new world speed as fast teams. Keep up the trend as long as the congregation professional team, you are doomed to be eliminated. C9 knows this, so the number of entrants in obtaining LCS place, they immediately for the team with a tactical analyst.


    "My main job is to discuss and LemonNation opponent's BP. BP we will analyze all possible, you know, sometimes lineup determines the outcome of the game. It's all about tactics, but this is the most appealing to me at work place . LemonNation is undoubtedly the master tactician, before we leave the training base to the stadium in front of his little book which will be at least a full tactical notes against an opponent. "analyst AlexPenn representation.


    In C9 training content, the most interesting thing is that they not only train their own tactics, and they will go to training opponents common tactic. "We will try any tactic, especially those opponents in the race to succeed tactics, which often enables us to find out how to restrain their breakthrough for those who already know our tactics, we will not recurrent training. Additionally, we will Go past the game. called the Old, the truth is that we understand. "AlexPenn said.


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