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Seven Trick of League of Legends Geting Rid of Bronze Group


    First, the general chapter

    Looks like there are many students in the bronze group, in view of this situation, the landlord deliberately arrange something for climbing pit hero to the bronze group of students, so Hello everyone soon rise segment, although the landlord is not drilled the great God, but whatever the outcome, given the Bronze students also can mean a number of recommendations, the following it, I will be divided into several points under each position recommended heroes, and some small details of each location, although there will be no single hero Raiders presentation (because this post is really too much, you can go to learn from the great God great experience), well, did not talk much, here we have entered.


    Second, in a single article

    In the case of single-it, presumably to play to 30 I started to play qualifying students should know, is a line of single shortest route, but also have the opportunity to brush F4 and three wolves, and, in general, the single hero AP will choose a hero, AP hero characteristics does, skill damage is high, but in the early, often do not need any equipment, you can rely on skill levels play a ton of damage. Therefore, the single hero on line at the same time often also take into account the gank, dragons snatch, as well as the opposition area, the two sides fought encounter wild hero support. So on these points, I tell them to pay attention to some of the issues.


    A hero Recommended: Clockwork LOL paragraph l recommend you get rid of those heroic bronze, brilliant LOL paragraph l recommend that you get rid of bronze hero, wandering LOL paragraph l recommend you get rid of those bronze hero, why push these three hero, a hero because it has three large brush soldiers strong ability.


    2, tips

    Landlord for the understanding of the single pair of lines, that is, Doom brush soldiers, through continuous brush soldiers with the skills to get higher than the other two lines as well as the economic and Nakano level. So, first, to ensure that our playing field is a normal wanderers, blue buff will give middle; Second is the need for good vision, central vision of the importance of particular importance, often one to two proper position of vision, can be inferred of 3 to 4 persons walk across the intention. Position of the eye, I personally think the most important one, when we in the purple side when placed close to the right side of the blue to put it at the grass F4 position can also be placed on the right side where the eye point of the bushes. Why on this, because it can not only see the single walk under the road opposite is often the case, you can give us even reminded, when wandering across the playing field or from the middle to lower middle road, generally will be subject to the position, so that most of their online movements of both men pose a threat to all in your hands, so that the position of the eye is a convenience offered under the road and you can enjoy.


    That online skills, we can refer to the relevant hero of the Raiders, I would say, is about the middle of the gank. Positioning hero because I became a magical middle fort, that the white on a brush, so I want to rely on long lines, but in case this time, under the road or the road is opposite the middle gank how to do this is to use your time Summoner skills of the time, right, that is, with transmission and flash. Opposite the Master go gank, you which way to fly, unless other online immediately after you go across that can counter kill when the opportunity arises, it is not normally transmitted skills, pay attention to this point.


    Third, the playing field articles

    Playing field location is also quite like a landlord, because playing field can lead the team rhythm hero, a hero is recommended here: Prince LOL paragraph l recommend that you get rid of bronze hero, blind monk LOL let those recommended in paragraph l you get rid of bronze hero, Zach LOL paragraph l recommend that you get rid of bronze hero. Why should recommend these three heroes, for obvious reasons, to be able to export meat, mobile, when the attention of the election hero hero selection with teammates. For playing field hero, in fact, not much skill, to note that some of the small details:


    1, gank under the road and when the road, if one's own soldiers line pressure to the opposite side of the tower, it was from his own line next to the grass slowly touch the past, generally speaking, the road is not going to look in the bushes on the sidewalks , go under the road when it should be noted, and teammates to communicate, usually in the bushes waiting for the soldiers line up after the jump out of the often very effective.

    2, another thing is to remember to buy the eye, do not feel that I was playing field, I do not buy the eye can be, you can be placed in the eye across the BUFF place until after the call to refresh your teammates to kill opposite hero.

    3, team battles, remember their own position, you are a stir feces stick, onrush across the rear or rear to help themselves eliminate the hazard, so all you need is a meat dress, do not think to take the first , whether gank or team battles and have a chance to give their head or ADC will certainly let APC.


    Four auxiliary articles

    There is a good secondary, often lets his teammates quite reassuring.

    An auxiliary must be the most important thing is to insert the eye. Other routes do not say, under the road you must do so first eye stone is very important, in the late big dragon, small longan, really, as the syrup to be ready in time.

    2, when the team battles on the line, you want the ADC side protection to him, summoner spells Needless to say, those recommended in paragraph l weakness LOL let you get rid of bronze heroes and flash. Weak to people, or is the opposite of the ADC, or is close to our team battles when playing on a single ADC or play wild hero.

    3, do a Ximing auxiliary, said here Ximing, not to say must not die, but rather that try to make it die, do not fight the battle did not grasp, the next road on the line when the consumption of finished opposite the skills that he has sufficient ADC blood kill each other, in a timely manner with the flash off the battlefield, do not let the opposite replace you.


    Heroes Recommended:


    Wind Female

    Hammer stone

    1, may be robots and hammer stone Some students say q is not accurate, which to practice it. Robot Q is not telling anyone Q, but try to pull across the crackling, the regiment when the war is often difficult, and this time would rather not pull, it can not pull a flesh, resulting in a waste of skills results teammate destroy mission. The most tragic is not playing robots not pull myself, but pulled the beat to death, but his group off.

    2, for the hammer stone, to mention that, in the line, the hero's own playing field behind the ambush has been the case, have the courage to go and sell, Q in paragraph l recommend LOL let you get rid of those heroic bronze after enemy heroes , in terms of skills is not the end of the press Q to quickly pull over themselves, while taking advantage of the skills LOL paragraph l E recommend that you get rid of bronze hero, the enemy to pull their side, there are segments of large-scale LOL l recommend that you get rid of bronze heroes, the magic lantern, his teammates quickly pulled around, with the formation of three dozen two ADC situation. Mission War even strokes, too, it is worth mentioning that a large stone hammer trick is the highest league deceleration skills.


    Five, ADC articles

    adc fact, not a lot to say and often takes a long time to accumulate the complement of troops and equipment. Group fights time to pay attention to their walk, the optimal output opposite: ADC> APC> Sin> play wild> Accessibility, if some students said, I will not be taking place, or that, in the regiment when the war is often the opposite The APC and ADC will pay attention to his very walk, let you hit, this time how to do? Very simple, team battles, you will pay attention to other opposite end of your hero lost control skills after the most threatening, and then output your nearest hero, priority above.

    Heroes Recommended: VN LOL paragraph l recommend that you get rid of bronze hero, EZ LOL paragraph l recommend that you get rid of bronze heroes, bounty LOL paragraph l recommend that you get rid of bronze hero. Select VN and EZ, because They have a good output and very good ability to escape; rather choose bounty, because the bounty is a very strong ability level A hero, in the early to the point of almost no one can over-reward Kim, Gu in the early, vision good circumstances, it is easy to push up the knife across. To pay special mention in this matter, and not everyone is suited for playing blue-loaded EZ, to be very confident of their own operations as well as in the case of wind, the wind Bureau EZ blue outfit is difficult comeback, so recommendations or the attacks mounted EZ.

    When the latter group fights, I know that a priority across the crackling seconds off, if you are not confident of their operation how to do, it does not matter, when you have a run-down section of the king of the blade LOL l recommend that you get rid of bronze After a hero, this time you can choose a segment Recommended LOL l let you get rid of those fanatics bronze hero of A guardian angel LOL OR paragraph l recommend that you get rid of bronze hero. Landlord I still prefer the fanatics.


    Six, on a single article

    Why put on a single on the last run, because for the single, the tests are players SOLO ability, so depends on the specific operating skills appropriate hero Raiders. But even so, there are some ideas and want to share with you:

    1, when you lose online when you want to play the wild or in sheets to help you consume as little as possible to line things, or simply fill in the column under the knife.

    2, when you lose online, and your teammates can not help you, I simply do not mix line, the line quickly pushed past, and then go to the middle to help gank, then you can kill the opposite way to get cooperation with dragons.

    3, representing a great advantage when you are online, it can also be considered as the second point of the practice, to expand the.

    4, no matter how high attack you again, be sure to install a piece of meat, the group fights when your responsibility is to stick to the opposite output.


    Heroes Recommended: Crocodile LOL paragraph l recommend you get rid of those heroic bronze monkey LOL paragraph l recommend that you get rid of bronze heroes, weapons master LOL paragraph l recommend that you get rid of bronze hero. It singled out three heroes has a decent capacity in the meat out after installation, tank capacity is also very strong, and are presented with sudden skill, is indeed cut back essential good browser.


    The plug on the single eye position: If you have only one eye, to play the biggest role, it can refer to the diagram

    LOL paragraph l recommend you get rid of those heroic bronze

    VII Summary

    In fact, the most important thing is to play qualifying mentality, to maintain a good harmony of mind, when you pick a hero in the ban and his teammates more exchanges, do not grab the position, when the game does not spray people, encouraging each other, the victory is actually very easy.


    Someone may say, "You give novice recommend these heroes, they play to?" Kind of thing, in fact I would say, why did you stay so long in the bronze group, in large part because you lack the strength, so You need to upgrade, I recommend it to everyone just one direction, maybe you fit elevate toward the direction, maybe you do not fit, in short, if you do not try, then what chance could not catch. The final point is to find Elo Boost Cheap, come here, you will not regret it.


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