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Seventh Day of The Finals S3 Review



    Awaited League of Legends S3 World Finals upcoming in Beijing tomorrow 3:00 grand opening of the first day will be ten games exciting group stage, China, second OMG team will also debut today, they will be in Beijing 5:00 against North tyrannical TSM, after 0700 points against South Korea to crack SKT1, full of wonderful not to be missed! We will also be updated in real time in this news release game battlefield and VOD, please continue to focus TGA League.


    September 24 battlefield Roundup:

    S3 quarter-final second, NJS vs GMB. NJS The S3 also the first Finals appearance, and C9, like the first game defeat. Alex took fish were decisively kill wearing audience, people feel the original fish were the hero so OP.


    Second inning GMB chose crocodile on the opposite case, decisive use stone man " brave" with them on line, how to seize the opportunity to give GMB NJS chance? Not only stone people off the hook, GMB basic three-way all been ringing off the hook, again similar to the NJS screenplay pulled one back minutes.


    S3 Quarter Finals first game, FNC vs C9. C9 first appearance won many people 's attention, but the first game 's performance is striking. C9 playing field somehow himself took all the basic blue brush BUFF wild area and has been the opposition, which has not been suppressed Xpeke let C9 understand.


    The second game the two sides change sides, Xpeke preferred fish in the opposite case out of cards, the result of natural Needless to say, all play no output is just get killed, did not play a leading role in supporting four rhythm, while C9 five pairs of home guards keep the big dragon scene shines, C9 eventually regain a bureau.


    Third Xpeke honest, the preferred Kasa Ding, but pit father C9 up a group to walk turnovers aircraft Jie pull blind monk sent to fight wild double play, blind monk home Direct Red claw shoes, after a strong GANK of dancing, C9 three basic road crash until the last minute to win the first person to head. The gap between the face of the head 20, C9 only defeat, became the true sense of the "Travel Team." Congratulations FNC get the first semi-final places.


    September 24 Aspect:

    From today onwards, a single defeat of the arrival of the knockout stage, although not lost a double defeat as a chance to comeback from the lower bracket to the audience and teams leave hope, but that just increases the competition irritant viewability. Ballot results already released, in the " Lady Luck " aura of shadow, TABE drawn the most do not want to face opponents - brothers OMG, two Chinese teams met quarterfinals, at least one has the strength of the Chinese team to win after this war is going to say goodbye with S3, can not help but pity.


    Today should be the upper half of the quarter-finals of the contest, the first king of the mysterious North America will face European powerhouse FNC C9 challenge. C9 LCS league in North America this year overwhelmingly win the championship, everyone wants to take a look at C9 in the World Series is able to have brisk performance, the face of such a strong opponent FNC, C9 will not be taken lightly, they are bound will use the best to win, but we can also learn about their style of play to be against. Another game from South Korea NJS against European GMB, NJS in Korea since the spring season and summer season 's poor performance, it is generally not optimistic about them, but this does not explain the substantive issues, because they also nobody S2 optimistic about the eventual champion TPA, and C9, we also need the game to increase our understanding of NJS.


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