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Some Game Experience From S3 Finals


    In this session we learned S3 group stage had not learned many things, first the single Raven Battle robbery, but also the OMG to the snake woman, a small law, female leopard and Jianmo gravedigger get the victory, which we once unthinkable lineup let us not optically to the most innovative play, let us ponder the national dress of some of our players have more practice and behavior!


    Refused to obsessive-compulsive disorder lineup, playing style to get the victory

    We are playing the game, more of a law-abiding, wonderful ideas for some of his teammates unacceptable, and in some time we have too finds lineup, this kind of thing, no matter what the conditions are Sikou lineup in the end we are right or wrong Leaving aside, but we have to think about it, if teammate second election or selection interface card after death squad itself when we have a problem how to deal with? want to be on time in qualifying points of the players, anxious, manic, send the head of people who hang spray everywhere! such a situation can get a qualifying win? OMG watched today 's game Xiaobian think, the most important thing is a victory of understanding between the teams, how to play with the current lineup! Therefore, we should learn to learn OMG this time to us the things that make the dress, showing a thriving future of the state!


    For the courage to accept new things

    Novelty might also play the game, the Korean team to us, and in the routine Raven robbery took all the teams before the robbery did not know this for a mid- single- how to fight, but South Korea is just a whim, and also gives us a fantastic interpretation of the game, making the robbery longer so unbeatable, so Xiaobian think, for the League of Legends game, we should dare to innovate and practice, of course, this innovative practice was honed after bring you other products, rather than to Kengren! after all LOL itself is a very easy to develop heroes of the game, like AP card, AP and AP barbarian King Juggernaut these heroes are who we think of! so By S3 season finale we should also give them a little space for the innovation and the players!


    League of Legends true artifact - investigative guard

    By S3 Finals once again let us know the importance of the eye, a game directly determines the quality of the vision victory, S3 group stage match on total expenditures eyes though terrible, but the gain is significant, and we in the single qualifying on points when controlling for the eye as well as insufficient spending their eyes, and through S3, we can see a team cleared when another team 's eyes, is a normal playing blind, so that when it is quite obvious advantages, and each share point for the secondary locations are also better able to make eye some groups of auxiliary equipment, because one eye is the three soldiers money! so guard at any time LOL never eliminate all lost artifact!



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