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Some Skills and Experience of League of Legends


    Is brought to you today about the League of Legends players to share tips just a lifetime benefit reading hope you can like.


    1. AP go under the road GANk wave of success / did not succeed, but you want to push the next road T, and the result was the opposite of the AP and the playing field came to kill. You think it is not my rhythm right?


    2. soldiers line the road to T under pressure you want to kill opposite result opposite to the playing field cause to kill you're thinking why always come across the playing field so in a timely manner?


    3. Group postwar push T, then you Canada Long the results across the resurrection rushed big dragon, a wave of anti-play your group is off, you wonder why?


    4. group has just won a battle you go under the road to push soldiers line results across strong play big dragon, because you in the next and no state team battles lost, lost a large dragon plus breaking all the way direct GG. What are you thinking I was supposed to do?


    Now the truth is LZ countless times and drill a master grips summed up the conclusions the reason you are in a high enough to make you a case of Dan do not strive.

    It only tightly word - just too easy to break Shanrou undefeated.


    What does it mean? Substituting LOL explanation is that you are too brave would have been GANK / kill, you are good to maintain a degree of relaxation to help undefeated.


    And the reason you are currently experiencing almost can solve many problems.


    For example kick regiment war, did not state that you are to fight the dragon or home. Think about this truth, just too easy to break Opposite blind I still steady it. Downwind Bureau unnecessary adventure.


    AP go GANk under the road successful / unsuccessful. Should I now also under way to help it? Think about it, just too easy to break. If I prolonged stay would certainly have come across a miss, Yuandun miles. Or go back to the middle line of brush or directly home.


    Road soldiers line pressure to the opposite T you can suppress the opposite in addition to make knives ( melee situation is not good to suppress ) this time do not know why you think about this truth, just too easy to break so I push the line playing field is very likely squatting I return the call or play wild anti- squatting you can make a deal.


    You chase across people chasing relatively deep though did not see any danger but I should should not continue to chase it, it almost. Think about it, just too easy to break and I definitely have the depth so dangerous the opposite of people are gone, can not see them being chased his teammates did not respond.


    Many times mostly rely on the judgment? Rely on consciousness. Awareness of how trained is to rely on the experience of a game. For starters they do not have this experience.


    And I am also from the closed beta began to play. Constantly sum up the experience. Finally concluded that the essence of the words. Although sometimes make you lose some opportunities but enough to make you come across levels higher than you people are still invincible.


    Now I almost do not appear to kill someone then kill scenes encircled by others. To be pushed ( speech ) will be counted. Bureau of the fight is high IQ, Bureau of the fight is the low-end operations consciousness.


    There are a lot of people complain about, why they have XX grade level or bronze, gold. I want to say and I on the contrary, my talent is not high, but the platinum one when you can drill one in the hands of not strive opposite tried to kill me, and I gave him but also wanted to kill me the more T. Too easy to just fold, we also came here to fight wild took him directly.


    Drill a pressure literally wore spent promotion race to reach the diamond by what is that those words. I have been keeping pace.


    You rely on a field experience accumulated and awareness of this thing also with a little bit of experience accumulated. Constantly to understand the words, you will be able to keep up with the pace of the game and constantly go beyond the self.


    Until you no longer need these words can make the right judgments then when you, is the great God!

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