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South Korea Won the All Star S3 Focuses Repression


    Hot All-Star team in South Korea played the perfect came to a close, since over, then it means it has passed, since it is in the past, then it do not discuss who compare pit, who has what mistakes, and these are the spot problem! come together to analyze China's professional league in the end what's missing now! tactical missing, philosophy behind the real issues worthy of reflection. Here are some facts about the author, we tentatively see.


    EU birth and rise of the stream

    Today's domestic league split largely inseparable from the clan when initiated by the European branch, and now a dozen professional league, not eu stream you are embarrassed with the greeting! What? You ask me what is eu stream? This problem has first from the United States serving the original ancestor of genres - Roam stream chatted.


    Roamer refers to the migration of the line to help kill and aggression Nakano people, that this tactic when the grouping is this: adc single, apc single, half the meat with auxiliary, Roamer while wandering four lines ( previous step down ), it is clear, this play is too strong, personalized, strong to non this ( big wind ) being their ( big headwind ), players who play a direct impact on a single global, there is no more secure and effective pass it? then evolved version of the EU as it is now out of sight.


    The so-called eu stream that we know today - top (TANK), mid (AP), adc (AD), sup, jg (TANK), dual tanks stream. This play is in S1 king was later to play to Fnatic was extreme. Then, most of the players are well-known double anti- tank came s2 Union (where there is a background, EU fist stream valued by scientifically valid, then s2 is built on the idea of a large fully applicable flow basis EU ), EU flows more popular.


    EU stream where the advantages? Forum ancestors would have helped us perfectly summarize, here I will simply copy and paste:


    On single / kill creeps / in single / ADC + auxiliary, growth line are generally single + kill creeps on tanks and side tanks for the team and have the skills and hinder assault onrush skills. ADC physical continuous output is the main output of the core team of the late one. AP magic output and have the ability to control the outbreak and continuing into the output ( continuous output capabilities are generally higher law Tanzania and kite -type Master, moonlight will be truncated so I did not consider her ). Auxiliary, this hero worthy to see literally can understand, there is everything for his team victory and make the greatest sacrifice.


    Such style is mainly playing early, because quite Requires Level AP hero, so let two AP hero SO

    LO, and the next road to AD hero + helper class hero, the next major road auxiliary to assist remote physical money, package insert eye with extension using insight ( later known as CV) to prevent GANK, because the demand is greater than AD hero equipment level, this configuration can be said that every experience is maximized with money.


    Medium-term ( 16 to 25 minutes for the cut-off point ) group fights output capability AP> Sin > kill creeps> ADC (kill creeps and can be on the order of a single swap ), viability on a single > kill creeps> ADC> AP ( on single kill creeps order can be reversed, because the secondary and ADC are one of the dragons in the event of AP and AD group fights positions are generally selected Paul AD).


    Why slip: on the road most of the tank developmental routes, single person's income is much larger than double, because both the level or equipment must go beyond the double line, the role of interim group reflects more obvious.


    Why kill creeps: creeps resources is always present in the game, it proceeds quite loaded with salary you had one minute earlier one minute he destroyed brush, Nakano refresh rate is the ability to provide a stable hero kill creeps experience and grade, and jungle presence can provide support for the line -mate protection and offensive options.


    Why is the middle of the Master: Since the outbreak of the Master in six heroes to be higher than the average, middle one is the fastest way to 6, the Master can use their strengths to help the wing play advantage.


    Why under the road ADC + Sup: because the ADC needs to fight money buried in his late team fights positioning and role is immeasurable, and this is the ADC logistical Sup assurance ADC can be a good development, vision control allows ADC has more time to develop the economy.


    Dragon in the next road. 6 minutes a refreshing 2:25 appeared 25 minutes before the basic group fight dragons are at war triggered. Settings can play dragons rushed 12 minutes to 25 minutes, then three times dragons all win, the team of economic 190 * 5 * 3 = 2850. In normal circumstances, all three dragons win no mistake 33 minutes late group about the basic end of the game last baron.


    EU stream benefit is fault-tolerant high, jungle support will not let inferior to expand, take dragons success rate is high, it is reasonable to assign each position group fights, accelerate the pace of the game speed.


    This lineup derived from the three schools, the global flow (WE), strong poke flow ( before CLG EU), big trick flow ( before CLG EU, Westerner five groups ). This play three different focus, summarized as three words: front ( strong support high mobility ) in the ( strong consumption point outburst ) after the ( battle no solution ). When these three national teams lineup after mastery, it produced no solution history play, four one minute push! 's Strong play this unequaled, in addition to effectively target through a ban pick, but no solution! Another one of the major variants of inverse eu due to similar reasons, so I will have the opportunity to talk to it. When TPA onto s2 championship, WE took the podium when the IPL, EU flows glorious culmination.


    Then! Fast pace s3 came! Consequent changes irreversible.

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