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TPA New Players Achie And JAY Details


    Everyone likes eSports movement Summoner AZUBU Taipei assassination star, on June 30 announced the high-end version in Taiwan to find the right players for the AZUBU Taipei assassination star team reinforcement, while Achie and Jay will become AZUBU Taipei assassination star that combat power, but for the majority of the Summoner, this two players exactly the sort of person, I believe that is a lot of heated discussions Summoner one of the items in the two players race registration plate before coming look at these two players profile, so Summoner for Achie and Jay have a deeper understanding.


    AZUBU TPA Achie, not joined AZUBU Taipei Star team before the assassination Summoner ID: perfect master, I believe that many have viewed PTT forum or live there Summoner concept note for this ID presumably no stranger, Achie live in the business and also will own the service station's class, from platinum elite sprint to class, which only took Achie middle week or so and to, in addition to visible Achie dedication to the game also has some strength outside, Achie for occupational eSports arena very yearning, also participated in the amateur era a lot of competition, such as: TDeS League of Legends tournament (champion), the Metropolitan League Cup (third place), now officially joined AZUBU Taipei assassination star, speaking on Achie the first step is to realize a dream, is now actively preparing to face future challenges.


    AZUBU TPA Jay, did not join AZUBU Taipei Star team before the assassination Summoner ID: chubby Aberdeen, Summoner for the past, to be honest can be used to describe a blank, as if suddenly leapt earthly master general career stage but for Jay, it is only in contact with the army during the League, has been retired after only wants to challenge the limits of their own thoughts, spent two months trying to rush the elite, is it right to recruit professional team he is like a dream in general, now joined AZUBU Taipei assassination star, on his own expectations is to become a world-class player, becoming the most powerful team of Support, help team tournament victory achieved in the future.


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