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TSM Play off Defeat C9 Was Seeded Places


    Site news: This morning, the finals LCS North America summer season playoff between TSM and Cloud9 start both inherited the glorious tradition of the third place match, but also opened up a complete shut BO5 final TSM defeated enemies Cloud9,. defended the title in the minds of fans in North America first.


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    Cloud9 appear before the North American LOL gaming circles have long been occupied CLG and TSM, there is no chance the other team the opportunity to climb, while from the last spring season, Cloud9 as the dark horse in general after the blaze, the North American gaming circles just keep their eyes open, watching to the rest of the world contest, in fact, a lot stronger than they were last year for the first time.


    CLG did not enter the finals, TSM in the group stage was brushed off. after precipitation a year, of course, also benefited from Cloud9 single Hai surgery AC unfamiliar hospital team. TSM finally won the big game, which also allows us to see, spend no amaranth, no-one has been proud of it, only with great effort, sophisticated itself to be invincible.



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