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Tenth Day Of The S3 Finals Review


    Awaited League of Legends S3 World Finals into the knockout second day of competition, OMG and royalties will be at 13:00 civil war in China, competing for places in the Final Four. Additionally Korea favorites SKT1 and GAB game will be in 10-point lead.


    September 29 battlefield Roundup:

    S3 second semi-final, the royal family against FNC. Europe and five guests all thought FNC able to win the first game, but the royal family mercilessly hit directly face the case in the early anxious under way with a wonderful support group fights to a wave of zero for four retake two towers build a huge advantage, Finally breaking three-way win.


    Opening the second inning FNC five people a regiment under the road, although the invasion caught off a single EZ, but the two more towers remaining three were killed disjointed formation royal big advantage. Some advantages of the royal great care, White and Lucky frequent mistakes let them in a variety of small-scale team battles disadvantage, FNC was leading. Fortunately, the whole team performed royal superior ability, weaknesses still the case calmly, to seize the opportunity to win two wave tower. At this point before the OMG FNC made the same mistake, missing persons blindly defensive tower was all broken up, turned down the royal dramatic wave of opponents base to get match point.


    FNC single-handedly won the third game clockwork, the royal family once again chosen to crocodiles and spiders, both firsthand PICK -oriented outcome of the game foreshadowed. In addition Uzi play this game remained stable, the remaining four almost in sleepwalking state, especially low-level mistakes constantly playing field, royalty final 1:23 Waterloo!


    The fourth game has not been out of color on the performance of FNC single out Rambo, which can be described as a style all their own, precise release of the big move so frequently in the early FNC succeeded, the whole royal family is still in the doldrums, but still rely on a stable Uzi Farm enhance the equipment. Uzi critical wave group fights to save the world, ruined each middle contain a lot of time. With the last few final royal wave group fights played with wonderful, shaking comeback win victory, reached the final finals!


    September 29 Aspect:

    After five innings of hard work, has been the first Korean team SKT1 finals, another one of those places in today's China and the European royal clan battle between FNC clan. Although the strength of speaking royalty prevailed, but FNC Europe as the only remaining one is bound to get LCS clan audience support. I do not know whether this time the royal family the strength to break the opponents with overbearing"and"advantage.


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