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The Analysis and Experience Raiders of S3 Final Support



    S3 coming to an end, in fact, was a master commentary LOL, mention NGA, I feel the need to re-update support under this analysis.

    Overall S3 on to the next stage of support:
    S3 the match was undoubtedly the most sought support - Czech pull, hammer stone, piano female. Anne, straw as a new support is the royal family tabe, SKT1 's MANDU onto the stage of the game. Game play tower for wire-speed push frequent, support the choice of multi- line ability to push, both offensive and defensive support. support runes, more configuration of the AD or AP runes to enhance the lines of the fighting, while the jump money runes in the game very popular. The lack of talent the game, waiting for future generations. Summoner skills, more support began to select band lit, with runic talent to ensure the kill line of injury. Equipment, the more money is invested in the field of vision, especially real eye and 400, the game is likely to hit the end, support is still only eye stone and shoes.


    With more viewers started to pay attention LOL game, support the role gradually understood by the public, this position is no longer the traditional sense, surety squatting bushes inserted row eye eye soy sauce, this position will be more dominant double line direction, even leading the trend of the whole game, began to have a strong support to carry the team, such as madlife, Curly, tabe. Also started frenzied opening all the skills second C-bit support, such as faker.


    Support to do the following for each single analysis:

    1. Thorn Xing - Jie pull
    Sorry, but the first one was I misjudged the support, S3 finals fire.
    S3 Finals are BAN8 times, PICK42 times, winning 23 times, winning 54.76%.

    Personal recommendation: Configure AP runes, play a few back to blue.
    Advantages: large range of backhand, online harassment ability, pre- injury is high, there is a controlled deceleration, 6 may have the ability to kill a single ADC.
    Disadvantages: physique too brittle.

    2. Soul locks warden - hammer stone

    S3 Finals are BAN23 times, PICK18 times, winning nine times, winning 50 percent.
    It just came out very IMBA, nerf still strong fist, kidney stones three brothers in the S3 Finals repeated on BANLIST. Fist nerf hammer stone and red medicine after medicine one a red wave and current can no longer play. But W skill to save people, pull people to gank routines still pleasing. OGN displacement league heroes steal the dragon the best support, Q go, W and then pull people into it.
    Advantages: Flat A high damage, control gear, with teammate displacement readily available.
    Cons: hand relative to other remote support is a bit short, long before the attack roll. More difficult to meet the low segment, as female tanks, robots more violence.
    My favorite support, hammer stone unusual powerful punch face various restraint lineup, the ability to protect adc female par with the wind.
    Advantages: early damage is very high, red medicine 3 out of hammer stones and hit an adc with a wave, you can directly opposite adc support Summoner skills of all forced out. Collect the soul can improve ap, directly improving skill damage. Q can be at the head hand skills, you can also keep people skills as FLAC, even when a simple control skills. W skill is simply nirvana, groups plus shield Needless to say, the key is to be able to pull people!! Is gank pulled from the front to the rear of the adc or pulled from the other side of the wall here, gank, when from behind to beat wild direct pull over ( This trick is very difficult to prevent, Q in lost W, then the words of paragraph 2 Q ). The E skills not only produce a small range of AOE slowing effect, but also additional controllable displacement, R skills dramatically slow down and cause a lot of damage, the only downside is the CD a bit long.
    Cons: hand relative to other remote support is a bit short, long before the attack roll. Low branch and teammates basically can not, will not point or mess lantern lanterns.


    3. harps Fairy - Suo Na
    S3 final was BAN8 times, PICK36 times, winning 13 times, winning 36.11%.
    Qin women in the race and qualifying has been very popular, but unfortunately S3 Finals really tears ah era, winning percentage is slightly lower. Big move either the upper hand in team battles or backhand has miraculous.
    Advantages: Q has decent damage, as well as additional AD AP team buff, R groups can do the upper hand control, you can also do FLAC Group Holdings, E strings can be a deceleration skills to use ( but many people do not know the cut E always want to rely on Q 2 times the damage ), Q 2 times the pre- strings hurt ow, W strings call adc equal small half weak.
    Disadvantages: physique too brittle, afraid melee, if not as the primary W play Soraka. Will empty big!

    4. Stormrager - Jianuo
    Wind woman I have recently prefer to use a single row of support heroes, plus new skin really nice.
    Pros: wind woman powerful is that she has a whole regiment of 3% movement speed buff, offensive, W can slow down, Q can be a control, E can absorb more damage to the front, so adc attach additional ad, you can use R split across the lineup ( more difficult to accomplish, but not impossible ). Defenses, Q can be interrupted by long distances substantially onrush technology, W deceleration, E can absorb damage, R will bounce across the cheek hero. Can be described as very versatile.
    Cons: Compared to other popular support, offensive weak.


    5. Calls tide shark Ji - Nami
    Sorry, I really did not expect he would be in the fire of a LPL.
    Nami hand with a long pre- hero, to E, and accelerated with the deceleration, the blood level A grinding effect is very good.
    Advantages: passive skills, there are miraculous escape in the kill, Q has a small range control, W can attack to defend, E provides additional damage and slow, big strokes wide range of blow fly.
    Disadvantages: Main W mana little high, big strokes R are slow, not suitable for the upper hand, easy to empty large.
    Nothing human use, the appearance rate is very low, never used, not to evaluate.

    6. Dark Women - Anne
    Tabe developed on behalf of the hero, stability control, six impressive explosive, post open group large group control.
    Personal recommendation: Be sure to configure the AP with Anne Rune, to maximize the damage early burst capacity, 3 or 4 E to learn a wide halo. Be sure to write across the flash ADC and the support of the CD, no flash, can direct flash halo strong to kill. The best team there is another group control, plus there are outbreaks AOE.
    Advantages: A long line of hand, you can use level A harassment, E Skills 20:00 mana after opening to provide against injury and dual anti, do not lose out in the middle of the fight, when the great deterrent with halo, 6 a skills outbreak is very high.
    Disadvantages: the shoes, right flash, the demand for the crown.

    7. Faerie Witch - Lulu
    I remember there was a time popular treatment- Lulu, 6 treatment + R + E can instantly lift very high blood causing anti- kill.
    Once you chose Lulu, a must help push the line quickly, grab grade.
    Advantages: Q consumption and cause deceleration distance, W can also be accelerated when the sheep control, E can be a shield to absorb damage, the medium can also be when Q, R a lot back to the blood, blow fly acceleration and deceleration.
    Disadvantages: 6 after damage is too low, can only rely on the ADC kill.

    8. Lucifer - Feidetike
    Is a relatively novel support, I tried early in the S3 blue medicine APsupport straw support, hurt very full.
    Personal recommendation: AP runes, deputy master Q E, 1级W. support opportunities straw, nothing really lets you place vampire, more often or use E magic blood, plus Q 's long control. If the opposite is onrush assassin can consider using straw counter, full-class Q is not covered.
    Advantages: Q Skills single time control, E catapult silence, R range deterrent effect comes with a small abyss.
    Disadvantages: too fragile physique, many have died in the straw to six on the road.


    9. Snowman Knight - Knut
    As Knut W duration changes, Knut has gone from falling into the most popular support more popular support, the problem is now selected Knut, opposite opposite once or two to play a wave, but the fight is likely to result the whole under the road very passive.
    Tears era, the election Knut only advantage is that you can quickly cleared away the first buff to help fight wild strange!
    Of course Knut for support in the low branches or can be used, as long as steady through early, 6 to Hou Nunu injury or belittled.
    Advantages: W is equivalent to half of the red cross, E double reduction effect is obvious, R bushes negative people.
    Disadvantages: early too weak, one's own ADC is likely to die in the development of the road.

    10. Vaporbot - Britz
    Robots can be considered qualifying often appear in support of. But some sub- ADC will be relatively high resistance to robots, because a lack of early harassment, only has a very strong deterrent, if Q is not pre- human, is likely to lead one's own being pressed dysplasia.
    Pros: Very nice upper hand skills and six burst damage. Q, low branches easily.
    Cons: blue-consumption is too high, pre- Q 2 times, it basically empty blue. Q finished, vacuum period is too long, easy to be pressed. Q upper hand in the late not human, it lacks useful.

    11. children of the stars - Soraka
    Soraka mentioned, I have to mention, armor runes, weakness treatment, Dolan shield out of Soraka, an ability to just one of the best front. Ice core Ling ( professional single Soraka ) once played in well in qualifying for support ( Source: Dong mediated a particular broadcast ).
    Pros: The most powerful ability to increase blood back to blue.
    Disadvantages: R mana and CD too long, lack of offensive capability, only conservative on the pre- development.
    S2 once the king of support, W plus armor, E and his teammates back to blue. W plus armor time now lower, E do not give ourselves back, cause Soraka as a defense to support, blue volume is very tight.

    12. Aurora - Leiou Na
    I like to use S3 just started heroic red points, hit scores did not live in a high relatively few people use segmented.
    Personal recommendation: with double wear armor, the value of life runes, two must find the opportunity to hit a wave of consumption. Can be used as counter hammer stone, robots candidates.
    Advantages: control technology is very much a long time, six RQ can control 2.75s. There onrush, pre very flesh. After six long-range R the upper hand, and then take EQ can be controlled very long time.
    Disadvantages: As the offensive to support, in itself somewhat lower output, by comparison adc, and there are sudden outbreak hero with more reliable. No pre- shot advantage into the late E died, more sauce.

    13. Jewel Knights - Tariq
    Gems passive redo after, became the most popular support, even developed into play wild. In the low branches, adc or support would often walk mistakes, gems can be more relaxed and personal level E to A, while in the high branches, short legs and short gem hand disadvantage is reflected out, hard to get under way 2v2 the upper hand, very easy to be blood pressure.
    Advantages: E stable control, Q plus blood, W provides team Armor buff
    Disadvantages: E range really a little short.

    14. Spider Queen - Yi Lisi
    Spider is a very powerful hero, whether it is on a single or a playing field, of course, is also very strong in the support position. This hero now only play wild, with no one else, and I also do not quite understand.
    Advantages: You can use when carry support, as support in the late injury unusually high, after all, is the percentage of damage. Onrush own skills, the ability to kill one of the best in support.
    Disadvantages: As support physique too brittle, difficult in the late onrush damage, lack of capacity to protect adc, Q high mana preliminary result from relatively short but not much damage.

    15. Tau Chiefs - Alicante Costa
    Full name tournament MADLIFE Tau is indeed impressive, but in the race, qualifying indeed still upset.
    Advantages: a group of deterrence, WQ Erlian onrush, control and injury, flashed Q and W top back on when the time-tested hero kill without displacement, the more powerful the tower when there are R can kill anti- tower. W and Q can control the onrush late to protect the ADC.
    Disadvantages: dysplasia, in addition to mid- Tau dead useless.
    Remember S2 for some time to hit the bison very imba, a grasping an accurate, but I do not know when to start, Tau suddenly left lol sector.

    16. brilliant girl - Lacks
    One common support low- segmented, can also play as a carry, grab the head after a few books out of a murder, a very strong team battles.
    Pros: The long skills, harassing ability is very strong, six outbreaks good, W Shield can increase anti-war resistance.
    Disadvantages: very high demand for equipment, inadequate protection of the ADC, Q skill instability, only control 2, compared with Gela, fully suppressed.

    17. Wild Huntress - Nai Deli
    Really fun one support, but too easy online was suppressed, the audience sauce probability of 90%.
    Pros: Powerful harassment capacity 6 has a good offensive capability.
    Disadvantages: physique too brittle, slightly higher demand for equipment, stunted growth, as does not exist.


    Then what is that under the support:
    Some people think that support is not doing is to buy buy eye view squatting grass daze, and then rely on the thigh of the location, it is not. May be in the low branch in support of the role is not important, after personal strength out there, more and more high decile after, adc levels did not differ much later, support the role of growing, adc will take the initiative and support with, a good support and a poor support is totally different.

    support common mistake to use, choose a style woman, Lulu, hell broke loose shield, sleeve invalid shield, white mana, really fight, did not put all the skills blue finish. Choose a piano woman, precious stones, in the absence of disadvantage in the case, wretched in the rear, when Soraka use. Election is the opposite robot, hammer stone, dawn when such support is not willing to give the grass eyes, so that the opposite support casually occupy grass field.
    support as LOL audience, the only time to have the energy to keep a three-way observation and typing to remind his teammates position. A good support can be done completely typing to remind his teammates which way miss, buff of the time, even to the opposite eye position time. Opposite support under both the attire, walk to guess the opposite eye position, and then use the 125 to counter swaps to control perspective.

    The time period for the line across the multi- observation equipment and Rune talent, if you go out to see a 20 30AP 10 more armor harps, he is a gem, in this case, certainly preferred to suppress support, not necessarily once killed, depress blood, play skills can be, so directly opposite the counsels, the next time to go kill bit errors can cause even flash halo.

    If pre- established advantages, direct from the 400 is a very good choice, the opposite vision cleared under the road, called the playing field to the anti- squatting squatting or have a good effective.

    Entered in the late stone eye vision alone is totally inadequate, especially deadlock, to put in more money to buy 400 buy fake eye control perspective is crucial. To lay a support, mind must be calm, more to remind his teammates, the wind does not waves, wind does not curse.

    About support Support gank: Do not underestimate the support of gank, one with controlled support to the middle, or if you identify opportunities Nakano, is likely to bring out human head. Will focus on the vast majority of players in the singles wild single direction, while ignoring the support, that the vision which can see in the wild on their own to secure a worry-free. supportgank the best time is in the double -line push the line into the tower after adc can survive in the case of ( a vision, not 2V1 strong across the state is not good to kill ), recharge back to the city after the river to go around the middle, with the singles wild, manufacturing kill opportunity, by the way in the middle do near vision. Of course, this time- point calculations and eye position anticipation requirements are relatively high, do not to support, resulting to be placed under the road adc play, advantage not a disadvantage, so that more harm than good.

    Eye on the support of the platoon: Play support Do not have obsessive eye discharge, eye unrelated war many did not need to deliberately go to row, such as the push to clearly BaoTuan highlands, then he went to the big dragon dragon eye near drain, resulting in a positive group was strong open opposite 4V5. Pai also need to master the timing of the eye, such as purple square, experience disadvantage, adc is pushed into classes, taking advantage of home supplies across the adc and support when pushed past the line, this time opposite adc back online, then he ran to row across the grass triangle eyes, resulting in one's own high-grade adc adc is opposite the more soldiers to fight a wave of strong lines. ( Common case is a bilateral interactive skills and other support to send a blood death, one's own death adc, back online, push the line, support platoon eye, one's own adc no displacement or CD, was the other hit a wave of repression adc displacement )

    Finally on the support that should not let someone else's problem, in most cases allow let, but in some cases still do not allow, for example, has entered his adc empty empty blue blood in and blood across empty empty blue adc to the point, and this it should not have, there may be people on the exchange of adc head is, too much loss. As another example, the opposite is the set of shield support and displacement adc, it is possible for people to head to the opposite one shift plus a shield to escape, this thing I did too much.


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