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The Changes of Remote Soldier and Ranking Mechanism in PBE9.5


    The new soldier effects


    The current version of the effects soldier questions:

    1 long-range missiles can not see its direction, because the current version of the missile is round, it can not be inferred direction of movement.


    2 hit effects too obvious, the hero of the effects should be more impressive than this.


    3 There are many white flash is not necessary.


    4 low "quality effect" makes them look bad.


    Upcoming test server (PBE) in the adjustments:


    1 directional long-range missiles can be seen.


    2 the overall brightness and saturation effects reduce.


    3 Reduce the number of flash.




    Incentives to modify qualifying

    Incentives in qualifying after the publication, Riot had found several deficiencies, it has been modified.


    1 qualifying game loading screen border

    In the next patch, load interface border, will reflect the type of your current rank of the highest ranked as the number of segments received, and not all types Pl obtained the highest ranked segments. In the non-qualifying queue, your reward rules and S3 show the beginning of the same.


    Show all types obtain the highest ranking qualifying segments, so that the original intention of the design is to allow the player can actively participate in the team qualifying to go. But it will bring some problems, many people in order to profit on sale qualifying team, or any other abuse of the system means to earn a reward. For this, we intend to conduct punished, if found will be title two weeks.


    2 teams qualifying awards

    Qualifying award winning team requires a yes, "players need to participate in 30% of the total number of games", this setting compare people wonder, and qualifying is now only 10 wins with the team to win it.

    If you are the team's victory in qualifying less than 10 games, it will pop up a hierarchy badges to remind you that for 3 or 5 seconds. Similarly, we will closely monitor those adjustments extensive lineup of the clan, once found abuses on title two weeks.


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