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The Collective Edition Of LOL Razer Products


    LOL Collector's Edition Razer products since early April 2013 in the country after the sale, they were domestic tens of millions of avid gamers LOL concern and hot rods, becoming the most popular god LOL super weapon. By packaged with the game activation code, players can be "barbarian king TEDA Kashmir" to hire, and "TEDA Kashmir" put "King" Huali Huang clothing, releasing the hearts of infinite anger.


    LOL about the Collector's Edition Razer products

    LOL Collector's Edition Razer products to both Razer star product is modeled and integrated into the LOL game elements, namely, the Razer Naga hexagram LOL NagaHex Collector's Edition gaming mouse and Razer Goliathus beetle LOL reloading Collector's Edition game mouse pad (speed version), I believe that the owner of the two products make numerous players in the game to achieve the best level.


    Razer Naga hexagram LOL NagaHex Collector's Edition gaming mouse 6 super thumb buttons optimized into LOL players can directly define spells, skills and props for players to gain time, better to control the game. Razer Goliathus beetle LOL reloading Collector's Edition gaming mouse pad (speed version) has a smooth surface enhanced speed, the high-speed characteristics and rapid response capability integrated, provide players with the fastest, most smooth sliding, the enemy issuing a fatal blow, easy to suppress opponents. Perfect combination of both, will release your endless anger, mercilessly killing opponents!


    About Razer (Razer)

    Razer (Razer) is a global leader in high performance gaming hardware, software and systems brands. Founded in 1998 and headquartered in California, Carlsbad, currently has offices in nine cities worldwide. Demanding professional players battle together with Razer products world-class events, with top technology and award-winning design, Razer gives players an overwhelming competitive advantage. We firmly believe that our motto: For Gamers, By Gamers.



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