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The Design Concept of Heroes about League of Legends


    Recently, on the players in the LOL forum questioned the issue - LOL new hero skills and unique enough, like Zach Wei Q E and almost Lulu whimsy just a silence has a gorgeous special effects skills, fist chief division Morello has provided an explanation, and share with the players of the game design.


    There are two views on the essence is wrong:

    Any novel special things are good, they are different games will have a positive impact.

    Anything that might undermine the perfect balance of things need to be repaired, any conflict with this view of things need to be adjusted.


    These two points is not available for the League of Legends (which I think most games designed for it is true). Some games can perform the above rationale, but it gives you the feeling is completely different. League players on how to attract, we have our own important principles. Here I will show you some of the design concept, although very simple, but it should allow you to think of us understand.


    One, for the heroic Union, and the process of fighting the enemy than a good plan before the war more important.

    Morello that the mechanism of the game and the players have taken the tactics equally important. And this is the difference between League and Dota. Maybe the players did not realize it, but it really is the case. Take the right line, the right line includes tons of small details, these details of the deal to snowball way had an impact on the final result. Hero's ability to line there are differences, but the goods and tactics can compensate for this, makes the line becomes more interesting and more varied. Development team want to see the so-called "heroes in the choice determines the outcome," this from happening in the hero league, techniques and strategies than before the war plan is more important, but much more important . This is not completely abandon the selection strategy, but compared to other games, and the focus is not the same.


    Second, the control of the player to bring a sense of accomplishment is the core of the game, it is more than the other "fun" is more critical.

    Meanwhile, Morella also referred to "our sister bar to sharpen knives!" Issue. He believes that the design of the upgrade sister knife skills can bring choice and control is not high on the feeling of accomplishment. Not to say that designers do not like this role, or players feel her boring, or uneven. But "In addition to simply put the skills I need to consider what outside?" When can not find the answer, the difference in skill and control on the problem. Dark imprisonment is a good skill, he was speaking for the caster and the target is very interesting, how to hit the enemy, how can we escape this skill. Non-directional skills directional skills is more than interesting.


    Third, we agree that we can devote greater particularity in terms of skills in martial arts.

    Finally, he also acknowledged in the design of a hero, they should work harder. But he believes League and other MOBA games compared to pay more attention to the interaction between players experience made during fighting each choice, rather than the skills of the hero is so crazy. This design concept allows League to maintain its fairness and balance.


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