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The Good Way Of LOL To Help You Improve The Odds


    We all know that a bureau down exactly where it lost? If you do not understand, please refer to the following, this is a forum to score passers experience, I think writing is very detailed, maybe you do not have patience read, but can be unpleasant.


    I believe we have encountered, but often encounter this situation: obviously a great advantage, why lose name of the name of it? Why would the opposite ringing off the hook, but finally lost it? My equipment rolling across Why or lose it? believe that 80% of people have a common point of view is - his teammates pit, a variety of pits that pit me, so I am very unhappy. Other factors aside, sometimes indeed teammates did not play well, but you will definitely do this Board must perfect it? Maybe you have a few small details can determine the situation in the entire disk, although not say hundred percent, But I believe you understand me when I say this, will improve your overall level. I often encounter situations enumerated and described in the students want to change the gun under their own.


    1 mentality: attitude is very important, just kneel, well done, the first not to fight it, to ease the mood resort, sometimes bad attitude can easily conflict with his teammates, so did not play on the first half lost.


    2 more for the sake of the team: go in, I was 5L, then we must consciously fill the seats, if a location is not very good to say in advance, in most cases there is good at this position teammates will help you make up (secondary special , except know everything), as well as at least one auxiliary practice it. Do not go in the same 5L also like uncle XX position, not to send, which is affecting everyone's mood, make you lose at the starting line. Can be location, but the attitude to be kind, even if you do not open the spray, Who told you it is 5L?


    3 elect people not second choice: willy-nilly, I picked him up. Opposite are selected straw, and you APJS, this is not looking uncomfortable it?


    4 more exchanges: Elect people across the counter when they were too normal, however, since you choose this hero should certainly understand this hero, at least you know who is restrained, this time to keep his teammates exchanges, more to help you.


    5 Strategies To correct: if the opposite is the restraint of your heroes, there should be wretched pre-prepared, not the opposite obviously restrain you recklessly, was pressed Dianbu knife does not matter, but do not be pressed ahead and grade, pre-fill less Knives can not determine the winner, but was killed a few times to completely collapse, the typical way above the most common.


    6 when reading articles do not do something else: I believe a lot of people read the article on the toilet when the toilet, drinking water, completely seriously. In fact, both the game starts you into the row when BP had already begun, when reading the article, you have to go to each individual with the skills, the opposite has not sent? I'm the man on the line with what skills? If I were blind, opposite Wood playing field, I was red / blue hands, went to go against wild?, and so these questions to the process of reading the article like a good advance. If you want to go to the toilet, then after you go back to row it.


    7 a crucial mission: Similarly, when you want to read the article analyzes the opposite team, would come to play a group, under normal circumstances, when the opposite team has two or two or more people with the control, So be wary. A group which ranks harm than not high, more than which team controlled much. If your lineup no control, we must quickly take out all the key intersection of vision, or to avoid an anti-squatting group. For example, because of your negligence, went to the toilet, came back under the road opposite the gems found in the combination of men and guns, gun two male individuals, than you are more than a Doran, then you do not need to fight under the road. Also, for example, because they do not attach importance to a group, and wild caught lost BUFF, then the playing field will collapse, the first a wild rally BUFF very very important, and some heroic throw a BUFF basic upgrades are difficult, you also thinking he went to gank? Therefore, a similar situation occurs sometimes, not to spray someone, think that he is not for what he did? nursing field is everyone's responsibility rather than an individual responsibility. The importance of a group can sometimes reach the decision height of winning or losing the entire disk.


    8 If you are in the middle, the early vision of the river to ensure that at least one side to ensure that: a lot like playing the middle of the eye do not like to buy, this is actually a very good habit, the middle of the river eye not only protect themselves from being caught, More important is to play wild insight to the opposite position, only invisible playing field is the most terrible. Do the opposite when their fight against wild wild when being sprayed, think whether they gave enough help fight wild.


    9 To know whether the Lai line: In the middle, for example, if you are Kasa Ding, adept card such gank hero, once more than is necessary to walk with the advantages of helping other way to establish superiority, but than continue to the middle of the dead brush soldiers; if you are dead song somewhat less biased development of such capabilities gank hero, to try to neutralize unable to walk across the middle to gain more time for development. Walk is adventurous, once the failure will be very hurt, especially the ability of poor gank hero not matter everywhere, you'll find nothing at the same time run a half-day, on-line also beat it.


    10 can be consumed, but can not be ignored because of consumption of up knife: when looking for an opportunity to line consumption across right, but can not think of consumption and ignore light up the knife, you feel afraid to fight with you pressing the opposite is the advantage you ? fact, he makes up the knife than you, resulting in no head before you actually disadvantage.


    11 As the playing field, never go and collapse out of the way already: As playing field, you have to know how to help a disadvantage all the way, but when the time of its collapse out, do not go. For example, the road was pressed Dianbu knives and one, you have to rush to help him regain a disadvantage; But you two or more pressure across more than several small pieces of equipment, decisively abandon it, the other two dependents up, just like you still have an advantage.


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