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The LOL Hero Popularity Contest Of The Beauty And Beast



    Original cast from the DOTA hero carefully crafted classic arcade games League of Legends beta is now open in the New Year before the League also maintained a high update rate, there are always new hero War College enrollment. With the approaching Year of the Rabbit bells, twisted jungle hero among quietly in the end who is the annual selection of the most popular beauty? Who is one of the most courageous sturdy beast? Let us learn together under the popular hero of the most popular list:


    Elegant hair, dancing light clothing, wind wizard so that the original just ordinary little witch Jianuo overnight become stronger, so that the man of her sexy battlefield with a shade, head breeze raised, Jianuo for your light body and mind, heal wounds. Was awarded the title of Hero of the Alliance annual beauty, gentle wind deserved.


    Tucci technology from many factories and magic association of highly toxic waste mixture is born, miracles gives it special abilities - can be used with Navarro then communicate with other intelligent beings, and in the square to show the world their own justice existence. It is not skin deep, mysterious coated poison attacks so many enemies on the battlefield is parched. Strikes on the battlefield, in the camp to show Murder, the scars of the body of the king to withstand a run-down, in Zuan most renowned professors StanwickPididly laboratory into a half-man, half machine horror monster - "right hand with a knife in his left hand drill ", today no less chivalrous king of past glory.


    Inscrutable, careful speech, diligent vigil on duty, deeply skeptical "secret life" with his origin endless source of legends, he was a staple of gossip Fatima Valencia subjects focus their monarch who Dangxia Poison these sufficient to prove his courage and loyalty, the team took the lead in the vanguard, Zhao believed in Summoner group gained high popularity.


    League of Legends has dozens of distinctive hero, choose your favorite, in the new year, and write a new legend, you will with them, the challenge has become the name of kings.

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