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The LOL Qualifying Skills What Either Bronze or Diamond Worth a Visit



    1. As a support, do not ever forget the eye, 75 bucks and bot two heads, calculate their own interests! Whether downwind with the wind, eyes are the first pieces of stone, because the two eyes installed price than three minutes added value generated money is much greater.


    2. If you use the single Mo Megane, remember that you do not have a strong outbreak, but you have consumed capacity, if the opposite of life is higher than 50% and the opposite intensity never fight!

    If the opposite is Mo Megane, all you do is good hiding his Q and preventing close!


    3. Bureau will consider the low-end knives and robbed the man was no single solution, in fact, the opposite is often the upper hand selected these two heroes, as long as you have a directional control will be good, such as the Ritz in W.


    Even so, pre- let men knife and robbed of it, do not worry, hourglass, Chun and anti- A, one of three!


    4. When you choose the single or in single, easily suppressed on the opposite line, but the opposite Jungling abnormal brutality, then you should pay attention! You have two options:


    1 ). buy more than one eye! ( Economic pressure )

    2 ). Mad pressure across the counterattack see the opposite, and immediately ran.


    5.botsupport see someone bushes inserted into his eyes, you're home preferably with a real eye. Some would say wasted, but we come a little calculation.


    Real eye 125, false eye 75, destroyed fake eye 30, which means you only lose 20 fast, a soldier 's money. And this is just destroyed only a case of the eye. If Jungling caught this time horizons blind, GANK success, your income will be even greater!


    6. Lacus sister paper, in good order and support. She has the advantages that have long arms and bursts.


    But her obvious shortcomings, although there is a shield, there is a Q, as long as Jungling grab a CD of Q, no flash of Lacus is difficult to escape. Right on Lacus, Jungling dads notes: Do not face, caught dead mid!

    7. Whether you ever noticed that when the baby grasshopper with even strokes than no harm even move when the baby is much higher!


    8. In many low-end bureau, players will hammer stone Q- Q as robots to use, do not know the true meaning of the hammer stone Q is locked opponents make their escape onrush, and bring his teammates!


    9. " Wei! Arrested this unruly guards! "


    Wei Qing Ye fast, shield, there are two onrush skills, AOE, single grasping ability. Is the ideal Jungling heroes. Large strokes make her immune control during the assault. Remember, play Wei to implement the sentence, " Do not face, caught dead mid!"


    Similarly there is a hero prince, but the prince's head is much stronger than the ability Wei!


    10. Carter Administration is very common in the low-end, but also a relatively cow B exists. But you noticed that in the wartime than you might set you QWE ER gains and higher survival rate it?


    LZ add a few words, Carter is not not suitable for playing high-end Grid, but a group of high-end Grid control and single control too much, Carter is no space to play, even if not control, you definitely are targeted!


    11. Zhuang my goddess Kali.


    Kali, a sudden, there broke out, there are stealth, why take not on the table?


    Because once there is real eye, Kali basically never return, but as long as the money line six killed her, the latter is completely pointless.


    Many people do not like to buy real eye Kali, let us a little calculation:


    Real eye 125, head 10 + ~ 500, we excluded Kali is a sinkhole this case, you kill him once an average of 200 or so, you can buy a real eye plus a false eye, and more than one person can buy one assists eye.


    In one sentence, met Kali, do not mean 125 income!


    12. early advantage, do not easily dragons.


    Latter have the advantage, do not easily big dragon.


    If you do not remove the others a lack of people under the tower or the other, do not pre- dragons, once caught, dragons get and could lose a few heads.


    Not in the latter part of the field of vision to see each other, or are in the top, do not fight the dragon, once caught, we have to compute:


    Even lost three individual heads, 300X3 +300 X5, 2400 lost economic, and train BUFF, this time the incident is likely that you will be overturned!


    13. When the opposite is not turned down your highlands, must not surrender. Others ask you why? Or call you, you say:


    "Would rather die standing, not kneeling students"


    Crystal did not explode, everything is possible, waiting for the other mistakes, waiting for the other missing a single, good vision, a great chance to comeback!


    14. in a policewoman 's big move, regardless of Sibu Si, there are no teammates on the side, do not flash. Your flash is the escape policewoman 's big move, you can not flash to a teammate behind him so accurate, it is likely in your direction teammates flash!


    15. When you botADC and support got into a fight, ignoring the first 13, 20 shots directly to it, did not have to play...


    16. JJ as a full output only on a single hero, team battles already weak, not up early, scrap it. When you want to choose her, must be careful, look lineup, whether the lack of meat, whether the lack of control, if not lacking, and have confidence in their own operations, select it, child paper!


    17. If Q Nami to people, ADC must immediately follow, or else you will miss one to kill each other or each other the opportunity to call home.


    Nami threw a short time, large or hands speed, must be optimistic about escape, because the blow fly 1S and 70 % of the deceleration is not a joke!


    18. If all groups across the five control how to do?


    Let the most worthless people to cheat skill, lured two to earn. Nobody then a mercury or a banshee, team battles properly properly!


    19. Ice was not crispy, he can be marked units, a variety of kites, all kinds of cattle, fanatics first, pre- team battles hurt low point, but others will instinctively think you are crispy, you mad A, so your mission is complete!


    20. Bobby, absolute team battles rogue, AD, AP can be.


    Bobby 's sole mission is to wartime regiment at first hand, hit the enemy by surprise, when you focus on the enemy fire, facing support open big. Once you absorb more than 2,000 injuries, your team battles on the basic victory!


    21. Aolei Anna, high-end Grid, in a single tyrant. AP passively allow a unique point of people have not a small injury, the skills of the AP addition is not small, with large strokes Group Holding, is absolutely necessary to practice the single hero.


    Low bureau because without her, we think she grab head, operating a bit complicated, there is no super-powerful skills.


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