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The Lastest Finals News Of S3 World


    League of Legends's top players won in October for the final crown and summer doing all the glory of the road leading to every game is crucial, Los Angeles 2013 12 July-Riot today announced the third season World Finals plan.


    Start from September 16, from the world's top professional teams will Qi Junan California, for a month of intense competition.

    Semi finals in last year's venue "Grand Center" to. The teams will qualify for the finals in Los Angeles, the famous professional tournament venue "Staples Stadium" to start the championship.

    This year's final league League finals will be held on October 4, U.S. time began, the league's strongest players will be more than 10,000 spectators and millions of Internet audience fierce competition.


    The winning team will be crowned League third world championship title last season and won the championship trophy and one million dollars in prize money.


    The road to the final full difficult. In the coming weeks, professional teams in each region will be launched worldwide in qualifying contention. From North America, South Korea, China, Southeast Asia, Europe, and a wild card places consisting of 14 top teams for the playoffs will be Qi Junan California. In the group stage and two intense single elimination after winning two teams will move to the Staples Center, a showdown.


    League of Legends World Championships Important Aspect:

    1, every game is crucial: the world's top professional teams will get to participate in the Los Angeles region victories and qualified for the final and win the fierce competition;

    2, the eyes of the world gathered in Los Angeles: live 12,000 spectators and millions of Internet viewers will witness another professional eSports historic moment.

    3, up to millions of dollars in prize money: October bonus of up to two million U.S. dollars, this also means that the third season of the worldwide total prize pool of more than $ 8 million.

    In the past year, worldwide electronic sports growing enthusiasm. All-Star's viewership reached 18 million, more than 50 million fans worldwide participated in the All-Star voting.


    Entry quota:

    It is reported that South East Asia will be on August 17 the first trials started last region, followed by the various regional trials will also be opened. Number of entrants in all regions is as follows:

    3 places in North America

    Europe 3 places

    2 places in Southeast Asia

    China 2 places

    South Korea three places (all-star game to win)

    Gamescom international wild card race -1 (non-fixed number of entrants competing regions)


    About Staples Stadium

    Staples is the world's most famous stadium stadium is one of the famous Lakers and Clippers NBA team's home, it has a attributive - World sports and entertainment center. But into this huge stadium, associate here for the game, and the Hollywood stars who often held here, concerts and other activities, this title is not too far-fetched. Staples Center is in strict accordance with the design of modern sports professional venues, three stand any angle can clearly see all the field, nearly 300 luxury suites, is trendy stadium features.


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