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The Most Popular Support LOL Robotic Britz


    LOL runes and talents can improve the ability of the hero. This system can be combined arbitrarily by the players, each hero has their own match. But for the initial contact with the LOL players, it is difficult to know for their chosen hero runes and talent. In this regard we are ready to present hanbok highest rate was selected before the 20 heroes for Raiders.


    Today together to understand LOL support the most popular robot Britz Raiders.


    Brits in the diamond above the level of the players was selected in 31.3% of all heroes located seven.


    Note: talent, runes, and start the final equipment, etc. according to the actual situation will vary.


    Be able to use the' mechanical Feizhao' the enemy's grasping tanksupport Britz.


    LOL the most common Strong support Britz

    Brits in the current hanbok Platinum or more players selected in the rate of 31.3% in all heroes located seven.


    LOL type of support is divided into containment and Tank type, Brits and hammer stone, Leona and other people are typical Tank -type support, good to destroy the enemy. Tank -type support with vitality and defense, to protect remote adc, and the next line approached the enemy in wartime forced to team battles. Tails, contain type support is the use of remote skills to hinder the enemy's CS farm, close to prevent tank -type support.


    Brits use' mechanical Feizhao' can catch the enemy in front of their own to induce friendly forces to attack. This skill has a good war in the regiment open group results. Here's passive functional' magic barrier' Brits can improve the survival rate, so that it can decisively tank.


    Recommended talent Britz

    Britz is a tank -type support, so the best choice Attack 1 / defensive 13/support16 talent.


    Attack 1 / Defense 13/support16: improve defense force, initially with 50 gold coins and surplus guards and reply with a biscuit can begin. And even creeps up the knife can not continue to obtain and supply of gold.



    Britz recommended Rune

    Brits should be used to improve the viability and obtain gold runes. Initially wanted to expand the offensive began fighting, then in essence defense runes instead of using coins.


    NOTE: This Rune Raiders to the limited number of players prepared sheets regardless of any situation you can use runes.


    Recommended Summoner skills By Britz

    Britz Summoner energy flash is a basic prerequisite, and then to select failure and ignite one. General In order to improve the viability of adc friendly remote, then select failure. But no one among allied 5 lit, and the enemy hero in Mongolia have as much or Xinji De vitality Reply skills tanker, you need to select ignite.


    korea service Diamond level and above players Britz Summoner skills statistics


    Recommended Summoner skills by Britz

    Basic response onrush does not ignite when allied heroes


    Recommended skill tree by Britz

    Britz's main skill is the' mechanical Feizhao'. With the' mechanical Feizhao (Q)' will one enemy pulled friendly location, and then continuous use' energy hammer (E) -> Electrostatic Field (R)' the enemy killed. However, if you use the' mechanical Feizhao (Q)' the enemy of ordinary tanker or owned by CC skills such effects of A Wood pull over, then allied heroes in danger, so weak to pull the enemy heroes survive.


    Generally first upgrade' mechanical Feizhao (Q)', but according to personal preferences, you can first upgrade' overload operation (W)' is.

    Britz equipment


    There are some players in order to wait for the upgrade' mechanical Feizhao' opportunities and neglect to set investigations guards. But because the Brits are support, so you can not forget to make sure vision and protect remote adc these own work. Therefore, to buy the stone and guards to scout constantly illuminate friendly vision. Then in order to ensure the playing field and in friendly single enemy's whereabouts is not found, you need to buy the real thing, as the guards guarding the enemy set gank removed later raised the success rate.


    And teams need mobility, then buy Shurui Ya Rhapsody, if you want to supplement the team tanker role, then buy steel Lieyang the cartridge. Need to consistently use the late prophet agents to remove the enemy's guard. The best time to buy a prophet pharmaceutical point is Shurui Ya Rhapsody or spanking boots came out.

    Diamond level and above players Major purchases Britz equipment


    Note: The Brits are support, so it should be used as the guards and true prophets enemy agents to remove the guards.

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