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The New Hero Of League of Legends Has Been Completed Is Difficult To Play


    Riot designers are very much like to interact with the players in the forum, and from time to time disclose updated version, the hero changes, as well as the new hero Lol loved the news. Recently League of Legends designer ZenonTheStoic forum in Germany about his design of the new heroes made some comments and noted that this design has not been announced completion of a new hero is difficult to use, requires a lot of practice to master.


    "Yes, I'm sure you will be able to see him soon, but I can not give the exact date and this hero has been completed, but there are two bug. (His big move so I am very fear, at least in theory, Because of this big move in the game is very difficult to use the test and only when I used to play the hero to twice the other heroes playing the same position, indicating that this is a necessary practice to master the hero, he has the one you need to practice a long time to play its full potential skills.


    What else do I let you know it? Designed when I tried five different big move, these are not how, there are three different passive skills, there is a too powerful to be deleted so that the passive energy Let the league upside down, but it does not meet the hero theme. Maybe we'll put it on after the hero, who knows?


    Subsequently ZenonTheStoic in Europe with German players and interact Zaibao Mengliao: new hero's big move design ideas (has been removed) and policewoman big move similar.


    Maybe I should not talk so much, but the following is a new concept of the hero's big move one (has been removed): You mark an enemy hero (similar to Catherine's big move: Target head be significantly mark), followed by You launch a missile attack path's first exposure to the enemy. In one second, the missile will automatically turn to attack marked target. Missile by inertial effects, every 0.25 seconds, turn 15 degrees maximum. Straight flight of the missile will be accelerating effect, but will lose steering capability. Coping strategies are oriented such that the loss of the missile capabilities and make it "misfiring." You can use this for tracking missiles big move "toward" the enemy front lines or soldiers.


    To balance this big move (on the one hand to allow it to play a role, on the other hand makes the enemy hero to avoid it) I met a lot of problems. I think the big trick is possible to achieve, but in the end it does not fit the new hero's skill set. (Missile role - damage, CC, provide markers for the other skills - which I deliberately do not tell you, ha ha)


    This is reminiscent of the official forum before serving in the U.S. leaked the original painting - St. Gun Knight, Lucian.


    The original painting of the Riot former designer Eoin Colgan, he was involved in Wei Lusi, Levin, Fiona and robbery heroes who set.


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