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The New Investigation Guard of S3 Skin Exposure


    The qualifying achieved silver in the S3 segment above Summoner will get a permanent surveillance by guards who triumph skin.


    Today, the investigation of suspected S3 reward guards skin was exposed, from the leaked draft design point of view, three were Starlets Soraka shape of bananas, magic girl Lacks the big guns magic wand and large Levin's head.


    And these three skin test is currently serving in the United States serving in the shelves, whether for reward S3 skin is not yet determined, but the guards will Levin avatar skin implemented, then Levin dominate the alliance is no longer just a spoof of an empty.


    By that time, each of the bushes in the league, and will have more than Galen, as well as all the time watching your Levin!



    Three guards skin draft design



    Testing service mall has added three guards skin



    Levin game guarding the skin effect



    Lacks the magic wand guard skin



    Soraka weapons guarding skin



    Soraka weapons draft design



    Lacks weapons draft design



    Levin's Avatar draft design



    Game Levin original painting

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