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The New Version LOL Will Redo Rune Page And Login Screen


    LOL recent game designers and players exchange in the forum revealed that a new version of the game's next client will launch a new login screen and rune pages.

    From the company's technical staff damiya riot on its official forum to interact with the players, said: "From a technical perspective, our client files temporarily not abandon adobe air technology from the content level, many players suggested that we in the customer side able to show you more about the story LOL, more about the relationship between the content of each city and this I strongly support and I think in the client Join friel ZhuoDe patch element is a good patch elements the beginning. Besides, I personally still backstory team colleagues fan of it! "

    In addition, damiya current client does not deny some of the problems. "It is undeniable, and now the client does exist some problems. Indeed, the client is a very complex document, it is almost two weeks to nearly three million players carrying the load, we often want to improve the code, to allow customers to end run more smoothly. Indeed, we have already in the hands of the client optimized and we will redo the login screen, and in the 3.9 experience serving clients Rune browse page will also be updated. then, players will be better able to carry out the operation rune page.

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