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The New Way Of US Service LOL Charge


    Currently on the tentative price of the test is 250 rp (us normal skin for 975 rp), Riot revealed that 20% of the income of each clan logo will directly give the teams, while the remains of your income will be used in the construction of e-sports game, only now the us servers yet join the North America division team logo, the official said other division team head will be gradually added.


    In skin, heroes, rune pages, modify the name and a series of charges, Riot launched their new charging model, this had to admit that this charge mode is indeed a good idea, also with the team divided into income, can let the players as well as support the official tournament can real for their favorite team do some things, but at present this feature is still in the testing phase, the login will formally take remains to be seen, more important is the clothes will launch this feature? Facing the huge team fan base; if the split ratios calculated according to 20% of income, who was elected to the state uniform team will get a huge income.


    Pure image, however, will allow players to buy desire to reduce, if can add similar and in personal page for display, or speak after buying team logo will appear in front of the name team logo, etc., the multi-angle aspects show is bound to improve everyone's desire, at the same time in the support team to beautify your own personal page, why not do it, but from the current test server point of view, is only the function of the head.


    From another level Riot for hero alliance team development has been very attention, and the team logo charge mode is not just a new charging mode is so simple, he will be the weight of each division level official league raised again, if you want your clan icon appears in the sale window, then you will have to be in the official league, this is a disguised form of official certification team, so that for some unofficial endorsement events surrounding the strike is quite heavy, but for some really strong team, this is a let the players recognized their own stage, are looking forward to the clothes of the first certification team list.


    Can make money, can increase the weight, can help the development team, the new charging mode should be set more successful, however, all this is built on the premise of gamers are willing to accept, the following is a simple, everyone for such team logo image charge behavior is what kind of attitude? Would you consider buying team logo as your avatar?


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