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The Personal Analysis Of MichelleAnderson For Royal Finals Playing SKT1


    MichelleAnderson, European eSports famous beauty editor, former SK.Gaming and CLGamingLoL edit now Curse.GamingLoL editing.


    Congratulations royal Fnatic won the final, the next opponent is SKTT1, although Fnatic is also very strong, but I think it really is a great champion SKT phase of the team, I generally do not send this so-called tactical posted but I still hope to win the royal family under S3, so come to analyze.


    SKT players personal strength are very strong, I feel like the team to limit BP alone is not realistic, the best way is to restrict the 1-2 position, here I think the most realistic approach is to limit the bengi instead faker. Faker hero pool is too broad and many heroes and white overlap is likely to occur is the case today, the kind of play fnatic grab each other in a single, also saw no third set white clockwork rhythm team are wrong. So rely bp to limit unwise, and the second is to limit skt playmaker that is bengi. In fact, not many heroes bengi will this version of jungle and the main purpose of online support and vision control, the economy will not be many. His vi, blind or what was worth the ban Jianmo out because I feel lucky not choose to play these heroes but things like spiders Prince, was hit early against wild collapse also normal. Limits bengi especially blind vision that would tabe control reduces stress, but also white in a single development is also a little better.


    Another point to note is skt next road poomandu and piglet, in fact, they are not the strongest of the two pairs of lines, in the group stage many times are a little collapse situation. But open the group to find the target group fights to put the skills of what definitely not lost uzi and tabe. Uzi unique place pressure over the piglet is proficient and fast reflection, and monomer adc similar vaynecaitlyn and twitch are very suitable for him. But piglet play varus also a strength but also very helpful in team battles, the same poomandu flower girl, Japanese women and sona are strong. Personal advice and on -line instead of their regular 1v2 them, conventional on -line to their advantage not manifest, and online capability is not strong enough to not deal with.


    Then is impact, this person will indeed bring great impact, he will almost godlike hero and so he is also equal to limit yourself limits. Of course, now that is trying to climb on a single grab shen and crocodiles, Rambo also be considered, but must consider the use of Rambo big move in the tower where the fight dragons or not somehow open group. While many corporations today is fnatic won the battle, but won on the back line to go, there is no progress, but the royal family to win once took a tower, take a long step by step what a push over. Overall best practices to line the road and note points to push on the line, nothing special attention, if it is shen shen some attention in your field of vision has been to prevent his big cadet.


    In fact, do not recommend playing faker go completely white singles, although it may Shangzizun what was but I think if possible, let tabe walk the middle and lucky pack his more realistic, 3v1 or 3v2 particular case dragged on bengi rhythm faker also get up. Although the ability of the individual to death, but under pressure or not. Play group, then it should be the first objective faker, but if you are pressed miserable faker early should set fire piglet, these two points are carry, like a dead beat. There have to say is about the blue square where candidates and big dragon thing, South Korea took the blue side will choose a large dragon 0 horizons force regiment, and choose Quick displacement hero can wander in and out, what auxiliary again a hammer stone pull one ad or ap absolutely win over group, so be very careful that this situation must be five people together rather than row auxiliary to Pathfinder, because even if you're behind them a displacement hammer stone a pull on the whole to your face come up.


    Summary is playing SKT vision must not be suppressed, I believe tabe eye 's attention without any problems. Then ban it is better banshen and vi and blind, the need for a ban or else one of their own did not benefit, white 's still a lot. lucky to be a little more stable, mainly to help white and godlike. Under the road must be 2v2 them, they did not tabe regular on -line and Uzi strong. That is assisted ap dealing faker playing field with the dry, then let him starve to death like bengi online caught dead people, faker he also can not help feeling there will be low, at most, be considered a second auxiliary. Other temporary no idea how much, in short, the royal family into the finals again, congratulations, hoping China won the championship.


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