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The Status and Gaps of China and Korea in League of Legends S3 Finals


    League of Legends S3 Finals

    5 October morning, League of Legends S3 Global Championship last battle at the Staples Center sports sky. Two world-class team SKT1 and tarantulas. Royal contest after 3 innings, the final score of 3-0 victory over SKT1 royal successful ascent, clinch the tournament championship, winning one million dollars prize money. At this point, declared the tournament come to an end, this issue of China against South Korea on why in S3 final to 3-0 record easily beat China's royal clan, as well as China and South Korea to make a LOL situation analysis and interpretation.


     Why Royal lose?



    Royal lol s3 finals


    The S3 world championship finals, SKT1 was able to win, not because of how strong the single Faker, not because of how the hero Jax OP, not because of China's general level of professional players lower than Korean players, but not because of what Luckykill creeps specials special sauce. So why would the royal family lose it? Where is it lost? Two words, routine.


    Observant viewers can easily find the S3 finals three games, SKT1 are using a routine to beat the royal family, that is, BAN crocodiles, after PICK weapons master, kill creeps on a single to help catch the edge. Weapon Master if 1V2 compression, then, SKT1 kill creeps on the upper side of the eating experience to help him, to help him through to the mid- Jax man combat capability reuse such a powerful feature, check here royal rhythm, so he hit the road invincible, developmental level to the father. Regardless Godlike stone people are still the first inning of the second game Rambo, can not afford to meet online and Jax, a meet, that is unreasonable hit you set. Ha Road Road kill creeps assembled double and push the line in the middle, keep contain, let Jax development.


    At this time there may be a lot of players to ask, then the royal family here if you select five people strong open college? Yes, the royal family is to choose a few strong open group, but if we believe that South Korea's routine, just let Jax single band developed, to the late invincible, then, and passers-by, and a national service that passers- inning no brain Offered with a line does not lead to the collapse of his teammates pretty Mito What difference does it? I am here just for example, that we should not pigeon-holing.


    We note that the final three innings auxiliary Korean team here, kill creeps, and in a single choice. I am here summed up one thing in common : the single has a very fast bowls capacity, and have displacement skills ; auxiliary and kill creeps, have the upper hand against a very good ability, ADC here are the displacement would not have said. The royal family in the face of the other consequences of such a selection is this: first, can not push the tower, because the other bowls faster ; Second, the more the tower can not, because someone particularly severe upper hand against ; Third, they can not be delayed time because Jax had been alone with the line, the longer the time delay, the greater the hidden dangers Jax. Thus caught in a dead end, the royal family how to play, are not winning. This is South Korea's routine. From BAN / PICK when it has to develop a good routine, perhaps this routine long career in Korea human circle household name. Why do I say so? We see the back, you will know why I say so. China to broadly review the following three games.



    Review and analysis of the Game 1



    League of Legends S3 Global Championship Game 1


    First game [ Click to view the Match Report and video ], BAN / PICK, China can be seen from the left, then select the active side of the royal road for the time, SKT1 side kill creeps, what things are not dry, went directly to the road side assistance weapons experience and mixed up a knife to eat, this is what I mentioned before, no brain to help on the road through the rhythm. This is their routine system, the basic point. So yeah, kill creeps that choice is inevitable, this is not what comes to kill creeps personal technology, which is pre-arranged, face each other for the road a measure.


    After the start took a pair of BUFF, Lucky it seemed a bit confused, only to bully each other Nakano mobs, find some cheap. So here's kill creeps SKT very clear ideas, is to protect the road weapons dad. The two sides of the ADC does, freedom make up a knife, so you UZI then worse, a wave of soldiers so few, a few more than the Piglet Xueping money, it has not too much.


    Next, push the road a tower, the royal duo, Double Road exchange under the road, SKT is the use of the royal family, royal vacuum side of the field, chose a good time, four people, four strong to kill under the road. This picture, in fact, the national dress of passers- innings score is also often appear, do not explain, and strong to kill under the road, take the tower, take dragons, take a poll, which is before the mid- most profitable, most profitable routine.

    League of Legends S3 Global Championship Game 1



    Then the next rhythm, rests in the SKT1 here. Jax road singled stone people, the tower did not matter, you want to grab dead on the road this time of Jax, we must draw on the middle of the spring. But because the vision of the control and Jax's own development, if it is to go strong to kill three people Jax, then you can choose the first time Jax first escape, because the vision control ; Second, Faker side tonneau development is also very good, so here is you can always support Faker to the road ; Third, if the royal family's kill creepsLucky and Godlike two people, you want to grab the side of Jax dead, then there is simply impossible thing. So then, the rhythm or in the SKT here. SKT four assembly Road, to put pressure on the royal family, the royal family does, but also to seize the opportunity across a few people who make the stone to the middle, the use of the big move Tabe upper hand, the success seconds off each other's barrel. So we see Faker killed, killed, ah, actually very vent, but then the more that wave tower proved SKT routine, not just the weapons with wire so simple. We note that this right of the screen, yes, as I said before. SKT side kill creeps and auxiliary selection is very luxurious. Single people are most afraid of anything with a line? Opposite less afraid many people beating. So many people hit the open group less strong lineup afraid what? The more afraid when the tower lineup against the upper hand. Exactly. The more this wave of royal tower, is simply a hammer stone personal show. I bet, as long as a national costume platinum group more familiar with the hammer stone of the players, the players are familiar with the operation of the hammer stone, you can battle in this wave group performed very well. This wave of the royal family does not bear a big loss, but also to pay off his own road two towers. After the game, the royal family here you can use words to describe, that is, unable to resist.



    Review and analysis of the Game 2

    League of Legends S3 Global Championship Game 2


    We then look at the second game [ Click to view Match Report and video ]. The second game, the old way, we look BAN / PICK, royalty BAN is still out here across the VI, SKT here is the conventional BAN, mean that the conventional BAN, BAN off crocodiles and Anne, but also fear the royal family crocodile on a single to Jax will bring too much pressure. Because crocodiles Whether or not -for-line -for-line, compressive strength and his ability to suppress the on -line are superior to the side of Jax. In this inning, Lucky's performance can be said to wake up, to the very edge, leading in the medium term once the royal family a lot of heads. And Casablanca is set in a wave group off the other side, the direct loading of God.


    This time China will look SKT side of the splitter, splitter this time, even more disgusting than the first game. Middle three bowls keeper, Jax and robbing each with a single route. Kasa Ding was forced to keep the line here, a dress ah God, that no place can be used. And we note, White side band is transmitted, is the need to support the front of the battlefield at any time, but if you choose the front side of the royal family open group, SKT here will be the fastest speed, the use of anti- Jie pull big move evacuate the upper hand battlefield.


    Come back you will find the road and down the road two towers Jax and the blood is being robbed slowly worn away. Single grab it, you grab him die, because Kasa Ding up here is not with the robbery of the fight, he had to keep the big trick to hide the injury robbed the big move, otherwise, who fight over who, who do not know. And rob the hero, singled out when it is too much, not too much, not to mention the opposite is Faker. Well, you caught him alone, grasping die, and your strong open without opposite group, and you do not hit the opposite. This is the most disgusting place SKT is no advantage in their own time, let alone on their own and in a single, cumulative equipment, their central defensive towers to keep the economic team, and then let in on one single, put this gap to slow slow to pull back.


    In the development of weapons and robbery after forming, team battles, robbery without brain dead royalty, the royal family or maimed a man, then weapons master full state approach, limiting mad dog, Kasa Ding whole blood is on the other side high line is impossible to start the case, then it is the second game royal SKT to beat with the same routine.



    Review and analysis of the Game 3

    League of Legends S3 Global Championship Game 3


    China will look at the third game [ Click to view Match Report and video ], the same, or look BAN / PICK, here please allow me Tucao about royal BAN people. I really do not understand why the weapon to contain the so uncomfortable, please do not direct their weapons outside appearances?


    Third Godlike finally had enough weapons master bitterness, chose a sword out of Kenan Dolan, wanted suppressed weapons. The idea is very good, but the other side of the royal family obviously know what your purpose is, directly to the double road change to the road. Multi Blue Sword out of Kenan, compressive ability to do? I can say is no compression capability, at any time may be strong to kill three more towers, not to mention Godlike side also made a very low-level error ! One into the bushes, he simply did not think would come across a double way road, so he want to go to the bushes, began to put pressure on Jax for one, did not expect to be directly maimed, hit back to the city, and has been a grade behind.


    When Godlike found that the road had not withstand the compressive Double switch back road when the road to the next road to and Jax is directly on line 5 of Jax and Prince caught dead in the tower, there is no way. So then the rhythm, and the first game is the second game of the interim similar, that is, weapons master and Faker side, use their skills and have a good displacement capacity of the case with a line, each with a single line, slow slow to a slow death of the royal family. The third game, the royal family and is a very huge disadvantage lost SKT clan.


    Thus, SKT trip to the finals, is well prepared. He is not like the royal family, the royal family's big move, just one person, he has a signature hero, they say Anne, Anne Tabe for example, he was a man of Anne, the auxiliary this position, he played a particularly good ; such as White clockwork, or White, what a hero, at this one point, he was able to play very well. Then the royal family the whole team around this point, or around these two points, for the formulation of such a tactic. And here is a 5 SKT individual's overall tactical system, with a line of belt line, the keeper of the keeper, as much as possible to expand the. If we have advantages, Faker here directly select four groups and individuals with their consumption of open lines, the use of Jax single band. So if Faker equipment advantage is not obvious here, or is equipped with a disadvantage in the case, and that there is a single band Faker own line capacity, even if their development is not good, or you can put the rhythm in their own side. This is the final routine SKT terrible place.



    Routine is terrible

    So why do I say SKT this routine is very frightening? We can see from the group stage, the Final Four, including their civil war in Korea, you can see that they are not used to this routine. Their group matches, the Final Four, including the semi-finals, are conventional fight. Why, it is because, in order to win. So why do they do when the civil war?


    Korean gaming circles, development status and the starting point for the development are better than China's. In South Korea's civil war, I think it is not there is such a possibility that they themselves had a good discussion : "This is our Korean, take title to use the routine, no one knows China this routine. " can even be said that this is very difficult to break the routine temporarily, such a routine that is used to winning. So the South Korean team in the Final Four, including the quarter-finals group stage do not. Is to fight for your loss, you have absolutely no rhythm playing. Just like what the situation is a fight? SKT here five individuals in each side of the royal break an individual, it has been hit not have the rhythm. It has no routine can say, it is entirely to be led by the nose, relying on instinct in the fight, but here is by SKT routine in the fight. Said more bluntly point is, SKT here is to rely on the brain in the fight, while the royal family at play here is to rely on instinct, and that the level of technology among professional players, this micromanagement above operation is almost negligible. Fight is what? Fight is routine. I do not know if you have not heard before such a sentence: "playing the game, you want to win, first hit the routine, the second play of consciousness, the third play operation." I do not know if you do not agree with this sentence recognition, anyway personally, I was very, very identity. So, so this royal family was defeated in the SKT use this routine when the royal family was defeated, I think it is understandable, and even can be said to be acceptable.


    China lost a match does not matter, what matters is what? What matters is back to reflect on, China Why would lose? China should not go too much discussion of personal technology China and South Korea have much personal technology gap. China can not be too much discussion, Faker personal technology how how marvelous. Yes, Faker is very powerful, but a man, and then he is definitely not affect much the team some of the above things, we must be clear that, especially in the LOL this game, the routine is really very, very important, the hero restraint, including various aspects of some of the factors that are higher than the individual technologies.


    [Summary] After this S3 finals, despite royal regret and missed the championship, but the two Chinese teams in the finals S3's performance is still a color, let the world see China LOL force. I hope the Chinese League of their own professional circle to the current situation of a reflection, think he did not think before some of the problems. After all, some things on the sidelines, bystander. I hope the Chinese team in the next WCG2013 have good performance. We will Focus on The lastest news about WCG 2013 on Official LOL Facebook.

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