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The Summary of LOL Summer League Fourth Week


    LPL kicked off the summer season, just finished the second week of game Aspect lot, brilliant. Here we look back from the Pacific LOL game last week with Aspect.


    Direct dialogue between the two teams, YG upset victory China.PE

    Aside from playing the game on OMG, China.PE has successive triumph over royalties, iG, even in the last week overturned WE, TT, Wawa commentary before the game does not mean to praise the doubled PE commendatory , we believe that all members of the squad to rely on (especially the ADC NaMei) hot enough so that they easily defeated state was ranked in the league standings penultimate YG, unfortunately never imagined is firmly in control of the pace of the game turned out to be YG. Start the PE YG blue buff, on the road between the towers of a tower with two eye each placed a bit to be used to observe trends YG changeovers, but PE Zhao did not make good use of the letter to the Blue Buff horizons in two grade when I wanted to kill Li Sangzhuo directly in the middle, not a surprise, Li Sangzhuo kill themselves rushing to pay off the tower after Blink residual blood, you must go home supplies, while the playing field blind YG has put PE Blue Buff steal away. PE conscious thought Fanqiang YG came after the blue, but the Blue Buff at YG ready, Zhao lost letter was struck double Buff. Subsequently PE no rhythm, and YG blind 13 minutes to put the score 8:0, the whole game mass shooting meritorious deeds to help YG successfully defeated PE.


    Required after the royal family even kneeling face OMG, WE

    In the last week, even kneeling suffered three royal nightmare, only carried out a game against EP.HK to combat adjust, and then in the second field on the face of the "dark forces" OMG is struck. Royal family seems in midweek training with adjustments on the next point effort against BP, acquire OMG for Anne to harass the single judge, and then finally a man holding a fish, so Annie play auxiliary bit, and also insisted OMG their routine, once again come up with a gravedigger playing field. After the start of the game, although slightly ahead of OMG economy, but the royal Uzi is not fuel-efficient lights, his VN in ten minutes on the farm out of the dilapidated, 16 minutes has dual large (red cross + run-down), so there are team battles royal a war with the OMG's capital. Unfortunately, the two mid-tower office, royal appear serious communication mistakes, bad road development Ruiz still blue BUFF over the road, VN also springs out in time, but this time to fight wild prince to come out directly from Nakano EQ is preparing to point into the formation where the tower OMG, OMG seconds to kill the prince and select push the tower, while the royal family now want to rely on teammates rushed equipment advantage of VN counterattack in the tower, but due to the lack of a front, easy on the large clockwork to the station front of VN, royal regiment went after struggling for several waves of post-war frustration regiment lost.


    On the third day, two weeks only win a game if you want to stabilize the royal family would like to go to the S3 must overcome WE, the game they must not be lost. BP, the royal family has come up with Anne assist people with a single fish, it seems that this lineup is the result of a detailed analysis of the royal family after a dare to face strong teams in a row when the use of tactics. Troops before they pay off early with a blood flashed Anne was forced to change to the middle with the mouse, so WE start to have a little advantage, but at the first dragons WE entangled not only lost the dragons also lost two people head , then it is with dragons WE missed, the royal family were all in the bag. Into the game late in the two-wave encounters Annie royal backhand to open a large halo live WE people, followed by the royal Dragon set with Shen's big move directly toward the crowd, perfect backhand combined with Anne's with fish outbreak, so the royal family gradually established strengths. WE going to be looking at three-way break the fate of the barracks, and consciously chose to surrender comeback hopeless frustration.


    EP.HK effort to show a variety of tactics in order to break

    EP first league win last week and after this week show a variety of tactics coping strategies. Against the royal family when, after a two-wave team battles, team battles have realized that the case can not win very decisive way to let robbed under threat royal propulsion; against WE, the resolute implementation of lane changing tactics; against iG, the four not to kill people for the purpose of wandering onto. Possible results of the competition seems to have doomed, but they still let us see the team by the new team has a wealth of ideas, let us look forward to them for his name-day.


    Looking LPL tournament next week

    Fifth week of the competition between teams, albeit scattered, but you can see iG, royal, PE will conduct scuffle, and the last day of PE will encounter OMG, iG hit WE, as long as one of them a little careless, standings are likely to cause great changes. This week the state less than ideal WE last day of the next round to face just iG an enemy, have more time with the opportunity to try a new tactic, and hope they can bring more exciting next week's game. More exciting collision fifth week, please pay attention next week LPL summer league, more LOL Boost master here, concerned LOL Pacific area.


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