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Top 10 Popular Hero in League of Legends S4



    Before S4 awaited coming, if the season of you want to go further in S4 more brilliant things to do in fact is only one : to understand the significance version. If simple and focus can make a hero or a hero class if the palm, but the master version is equal to the length of the merits of a direct advantage to go on. Consolidated adjusted according to the new season, the hero unchanged pushdown accounting export version advantage TOP10.

    TOP10   Alto Lakes

    For a single, it became the single most important jewelry change, not one. Due to the lack of vision on the road often violent friction, and vision jewelry line offers superior ability to let Ryan Fox Alto more disgusting. Dolan sword plus a two -line back to the blood makes Alto Alex has more experience feedback itself has the ability anti GANK Etoile Alex has a little strong life, and thus a good damage calculation of Etoile Alex can let the other depressed death.


    The talent in the recovery of the wind directly Alto Alex income, fortunately this talent exists in the tail of defensive talent, offensive balance that Summoner 's own grasp.


    TOP9   Blade exile Rui Wen

    The only reason for the sharp -wen on the ninth because Raven itself is too tough, strengthening its S4 or not will not affect the degree of popular Rui Wen. Vice fist hair microblogging software engineer Wiksy discussions said: "? Is not it pointless to cancel after the cast shake" remark somewhat unskilled directly Rui Wen technology will also be used in the S4 season a magical light QA.


    Second, the preparation of talent in the dual talent although only increased by 1 %, but the combination of multi-skilled Wen Rui feeding mechanism can be directly through the double -round use, rather than say this talent is attracted to the combination of multi-skilled hero, as it is sharp Wen the exclusive custom gift.


    TOP8    demon clown Nicolas

    400 for the disappearance of the true eye and visible changes is undoubtedly the biggest gains stealth hero, they finally stood without fear of the dark corners, but suddenly out of five people to be sent away to the west. Do not Summoner Canyon ran around some death marathon.


    Instant stealth and displacement is the most terrifying clown Q skill, vision changes actually does not reduce death threats, but greatly enhanced the intensity GANK clown. After real eye visible, middle and down the road can make clowns enjoy the play. If there is no understanding of the team, clown passers Bureau will GANK became the highest success rate JUNGLE.


    TOP7 Proud of stalker Rennes Gal

    Lion head for grass dependence is more serious than Galen or female leopard, lion head less grass is almost impossible to chase and escape, kill all the wonderful Lionhead are inseparable from the bushes. The S4 's road grass strange anomaly, two bushes split into three grass after Lionhead have more blind spot available tease each other. Should each other better ease up the knife back soon whim be grass chase lion head, then immediately received a ton of injuries also can not see the lion's tail.


    Lionhead itself should have better performance, but LENS jewelry hampered his development.


    Lens: shows an area near the area for some time


    Insight into the mechanism similar to the display area under the fog of war, so that the team can secure a place in the bushes or other unknown area reconnaissance.


    TOP6 future guardian Jess

    S4 comes first epistemic players necessarily include the newly acquired S3 if the first king of the strongest wind classmates. "This version of the AP to be more proactive with wild migratory areas, greater competition for resources on a map of how to help the wild areas and other road scramble to more resources and money Nakano tower will become the mainstream rhythm. " this sentence is not the old K fabrications, but if the wind made the chief himself single view.


    A quick support and single storm will be strong and wild and strong backing arm and shoulder pre- driven and wild, wild feeding three-way mid- fight, post HOLD live audience duties. Jess has a strong eruption, fast support and remote high damage bombing, on -line capacity is also not weak, relying on pre- war to establish a positive advantage faster than other AP.


    TOP5 children of the stars Soraka

    K has a basin old friends, he sometimes willing to hit the road for a way to release assists and next big move.


    We first look at Soraka changes:


    Starfall (Q)

    Damage increased to 60/95/130/165/200 from 60/85/110/135/160. Reduce magic resistance from 8/9/10/11/12 to 6 (+0.01 AP).

    If the stars fall to hit at least one hero, the star of the blessing cooldown 5/6.3/7.5/8.8/10 %. Mana cost changed to 30/40/50/60/70 from 20/35/50/65/80.


    Star Blessing (W)

    Treatment reduced to 70/120/170/220/270 from 70/140/210/280/350. AP bonus reduced from 0.45 to 0.35.

    Armor bonus increased to 50/65/80/95/110 from 25/45/65/85/105. Armor bonus is now subject to 0.15AP bonus. Armor bonus duration reduced from 3 seconds to 2 seconds. Mana cost reduced to 80/100/120/140/160 from 80/110/140/170/200.


    Mana perfusion (E)

    Regen Soraka 5% of the maximum mana from 40/80/120/160/200 to 20/40/60/80/100 plus.

    Damage from 50/100/150/200/250 (+0.6 AP) to 40/70/100/130/160 (+0.4 AP) plus Soraka 5% ( +0.4 Mana ) maximum mana. When fellow cast now consumes 5% of maximum mana.


    Pray (R)

    Treatment reduced from 200/320/440 to 150/250/350. AP bonus reduced from 0.7 to 0.55.


    Skills you you look like, as metamorphosis into what the first down did not say, because the addition will feel and maximum mana AP hairy with auxiliary to have any equipment.


    But now the secondary money inside S4 season could hardly be higher, and talent, assists, tower, new equipment, as well as AD changed the money to fight a variety of channels, etc. are able to get huge benefits, not to mention there full screen grab assists nirvana. Soraka next season flew from the auxiliary became popular play can fight, but also to the late CARRY were oil -rich type of auxiliary.


    TOP4 blind monk Li Qing

    Can you imagine the money to plug the eye is what kind of equipment is used to buy it? Can you imagine how fast the blind monk lantern playing field efficiency it?


    Yes, the next version of the blind monk has no need of eye stone, jewelry eye blind monk enough to splurge same time, as more of a wild strange camp lantern can also become a blind monk 's a good choice.

    Most blind eye because of the need monk stone or pre- guard a lot of vision in order to ensure their mobility and GANK success rate, so their ability to attack an excellent blind monk can give up control of the equipment away Nakano, S4 it both ways, Li Qing is bound to become a non- BAN Required existence.


    TOP3 Evelyn Widowmaker

    Is a stealth loved beneficiaries, and is the biggest beneficiary. Not only can not be insight, because the grass is complex, bound to the occupation of all the bushes down the road becomes difficult but also enhance the success rate GANK the road. At this point, unless someone all the way from the end of the line, the widow of GANK basic indefensible, or cross skill, or die off layer of skin.


    Dependent on the road together next jewelry Sweeper vision will be the next way to control violence Musketeers.

    Sweeper: show around stealth units ( including investigation guard ) for some time


    This ornament can be used to counter enemy stealth units or horizons

    TOP2 Trickery Enchantress Le Fran

    Fran auxiliary music got more and more popular, this moment is not reckoned wonderful music Fran assist the bar, but the S4 season Le Fran will be able to become the next super- violent way of assistance.


    First reason is because the auxiliary constant money began to increase, and music equipment Fran does not need ultra-high output and stable control and silence that effect. Eye position can easily be controlled in hazardous locations through music Fran Step Behind, and often out of the shadow of synthetic twin props have also been extremely lucky hand good change.


    Cage's lucky hand

    +20 AP

    7:00 mana per 10 recovery

    Get four gold every 10 seconds

    The only passive - Spell Theft: on the basis of a hero cast spells and attack to get 8:00 coins every 10 seconds to get up to 1 times. Kill the soldier will cancel the passive effect, lasts 10 seconds.


    TOP1 Leather dragon turtle Ramos


    S4 version of jewelry makes any GANK JUNGLE are uncertain, unless it can not escape. Dragon turtle injuries compared to other people hurt too low, but the dragon turtle has the most capability is unmatched fast. Martial arts world, no firm is not broken, but not fast break... The K in S3 when it has tried to play fast support dragon turtle.


    On a single similar sharp Wen, Sparta and other super output on a single time, in the middle of Katrina, the snake woman terrorist AP Burning Man is, when the next Luleiouna or Kalmar Enchantress of time, then choose dragon turtle will be the best choice. When the dragon turtle after a five-speed shoes is already discovered too late, and home guards dragon turtle can reach a Q BUF, two Q arrive online. It supports people simply could not believe the speed, the Friends can not believe pots to try.


    Relative to the end of the rear blind monk clowns jumping, high mobility dragon turtle much better fault rate, and the great dragon BUF into the state without speed shoes addition, the dragon turtle wings almost can fly. I believe the old K, the dragon turtle, you deserve to have. ( This statement represents only personal point of view, the final interpretation of the fist all )


    The new season to look forward too, almost a ton of changes to make all people understand the deep back to the starting point, and based Friends together to create new tactics and new mix, this attraction is the novelty feel passionate competitive game lies.




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