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Toyz Stanley Confirmed To Leave TPA


    AZUBU TaipeiAssassins very sorry to announce that yesterday, Toyz and Stanley two players will be leaving at the end of AZUBU Taipei assassination star.


    Stanley communicate with the team due to produce some problems, after a period of adjustment and communication, are still unable to reach a consensus, with Stanley on their own career planning another idea, so team will release him.


    The Toyz served AZUBU TPA captain during old teammates in succession to leave because of different factors, and because Qiuhaoxinqie generate excessive pressure led, in the short term and the rest expressed Toyz not to join other teams, under the idea, after repeated unsuccessful invitation to stay, even if the contract does not expire, clan still respecting Toyz decision to retire.


    Currently AZUBU TPA team has to find a new partner Achie and Jay, Achie and Jay each version in Taiwan reached Season 3 elite class ladder before 10 and before 30, and the captain will be replaced by Bebe succession, AZUBU TPA new lineup will include: Bebe, Lilballz, DinTer, Sarsky, Achie, and Jay.


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